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  • Advice for Teachers

    At Scholar’s Choice, we want to make sure we are supporting teachers in the classroom through the products we offer as well as through the advice and free resources we provide on our Community Blog.

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  • Advice for Parents

    As a parent- your child’s first teacher- you greatly influence how they play and what they play with. Scholar’s Choice can help you in this very critical journey with the advice we share on our Community Blog. We have the expertise to help!

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  • Advice for Daycares

    At Scholar’s Choice, we are your partners in learning! We are committed to providing the very best in early learning and child care knowledge and best practices on our Community Blog.

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Scholar's Choice Story

Education starts with the parents, because children start learning as soon as they are born. A child’s developmental years lay the foundation for their performance in school, so parents become that child’s first teacher. Not all parents see themselves this way, and fewer still know what resources are available to them to help them educate their young children. That’s where Scholar’s Choice can help. Our people know how different children learn, what books, tools or games can help them learn, and what to do if a young child is not developing as quickly as he or she is capable.

Education continues with daycare providers and teachers of young children who are working in partnership with parents to sustain each child’s development and maximize their chance for success. Scholar’s Choice works directly with daycare centres, on site, to equip them with the educational supplies, resources, games, and even furniture needed to create a fun learning environment for children. School teachers can also count on Scholar’s Choice when they have a specific environment they wish to create, when they want to provide supplemental learning challenges or opportunities for stronger students, or when they need extra assistance with learning resources for students that are not meeting their full potential. In every case, Scholar’s Choice works in partnership with educators, providing advice, offering ideas, and matching individual educators‘ needs with the specific resources to help.

Education starts at infancy and never really ends. Count on Scholar’s Choice - current and former educators ourselves - to help you in your journey toward each child’s success. Lean on us for resources, games, supplies and equipment, but also for advice and direction where it would benefit the child most.

Scholar's Choice has teacher resources, classroom materials, classroom supplies, math and language manipulatives, pocket charts, bulletin board paper, classroom decorative and French for teachers; educational toys, games, crafts, baby toys, puzzles, storybooks, workbooks and educational helpers for parents; infant, toddler and preschool toys, crafts and childcare furniture, cribs, strollers, rest mats and storage units for Childcare centres.

Our History

Scholar's Choice has been serving the needs of early childhood centres across Canada for 70 years. We are proud to be the oldest and largest distributor of educational materials and toys in Canada.

Our Company's early predecessor was Jack Hood School Supplies, a company founded in Stratford, Ontario in 1939. Jack Hood School Supplies grew and prospered as a school supply company and library book distributor. In 1969, Jack Hood and Nor-Ed School Supplies in North Bay, Ontario were purchased by Harlequin Enterprises "the romance book company" and merged under the name Scholar's Choice. This company was run by Bill Webster until 1977, when he left for a position at Harlequin corporate office.

In 1978, Bill Webster and his wife Gael decided to return to their true love, the school supply business, and after a failed attempt to purchase Scholar's Choice from Harlequin, purchased a competitor of Scholar's Choice called Educator Supplies Limited founded in London, Ontario in 1952. Educator Supplies had built a strong school supply and audiovisual business in Ontario and the Western provinces. In 1982, Harlequin decided to discontinue its educational division, and Bill and Gael purchased Scholar's Choice.

In the 1980s Scholar's Choice and Educator Supplies continued to expand the school market and expanded into the early childhood market. This market was a new and rapidly growing in Canada. Their two companies operated separately until they merged under the name Scholar's Choice in 1990.

In 1998, Scholar's Choice purchased its major competitor, Moyer's, which had been founded in 1884. Moyer's was a successful educational materials and toy distributor and retailer operating across Canada with a strong presence in Quebec and the Maritimes. With this acquisition, Scholar's Choice became the largest distributor of educational toys and teaching materials for schools and early childhood centres in Canada.

In the 1980's, Scholar's Choice started to open educational stores dedicated to providing teaching materials, educational toys and arts and crafts materials for elementary school teachers and early childhood centres. These stores were located in Southwestern Ontario. After the acquisition of Moyer's in 1998, Scholar's Choice quickly opened stores across Canada. We now operate 25 stores across the country. We are the largest retailers of educational toys and teaching materials in Canada.

In 1990, Scott Webster, son of Bill and Gael Webster, joined the company as General Manager. Scott took over as President in 1996 and in 1998, with his wife Cindy purchased the company.

Today, Cindy and Scott operate a very vibrant company distributing and retailing educational toys and teaching materials to parents, teacher and early childhood educators in Canada and around the world. We currently have more than 380 staff members and our main distribution centre in London, Ontario.

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