Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

To give every child a reason to love learning so they can achieve their hopes and dreams.

Our Mission:

To provide innovative inspiring and engaging educational solutions to parents and educators in Canada to ensure: 
• Learning is engaging and fun for children
• Children achieve a sense of accomplishment through learning
• Parents and educators are confident that they are making a difference in the life of a child

And this we promise;

You will bask in the joy of knowing that children will achieve their hopes and dreams.

This is why Scholar's Choice is not like any other company. Scholar's Choice is the only company that provides playful learning solutions for parents and educators across Canada who want children to be prepared for life in an era of limitless possibilities and opportunities. At Scholar's Choice, we believe children deserve our best. We utilize an innovative and inspiring approach to children's learning; we call this the 'Playful Learning Approach'.

The Playful Learning Approach:

1. Children self-direct their own play

2. Children develop social and emotional skills through cooperative play

3. Children explore and learn with all five senses

4. Children are given endless opportunities for discovery-based play

5. Children are given multiple opportunities to express themselves

We believe every child from birth deserves awe-inspiring learning opportunities. How they discover and explore their world leads to incredible opportunities. Challenging and motivating you to do your best for every child is our uncompromising promise to you. We want you to be a child's superhero! Helping a child achieve their hopes and dreams is hard work for both parents and educators yet, the payoff is infinitely rewarding. Through our innovative Playful Learning Approach, we have embodied the true essence of childhood learning.

There would be no greater achievement for any of us, than knowing that we were instrumental in a child achieving their hopes and dreams.

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