Light panel learning offers several benefits for early years learning. Here are some key advantages:

1. Sensory Stimulation

2. STEM Concepts

3. Creativity & Imagination

4. Fine Motor Skills

5. Language & Communciation

6. Cognitive Development

Read more about the benefits of light panel play here

Our light panels offer a dynamic and engaging way to introduce children to the world of colors, shapes, and sensory experiences. Crafted with safety in mind, these energy-efficient panels create a stimulating atmosphere for educational activities, fostering creativity and cognitive development.

Our accessories are designed to complement light panels, promoting sensory exploration, fine motor skills, color recognition, and spatial awareness. Explore our collection and discover how light panel accessories can illuminate the path to a brighter, more engaging early education.

Whether you're new to light panel play or can't get enough of it, this offer is pefect for everyone! Get these items for FREE with minimum spend.

Light Learning Rocks

Features 8 different nature-inspired shapes across 6 colors, produced in a durable, transparent plastic to promote color learning & sensory exploration in a beautiful way. The set includes a card deck of 36 pictures and patterns, sequences and stacking challenges that range in difficulty. Standalone or with a light table, these rocks bring magic into the classroom or home. Ages 4+

Light Panel

With a new anti-trip magnetic connector and 3 light level settings they provide a cool, clean, bright illuminated background and are ideal for the investigation of light, colour and shape, or for focused group work in a wide range of subjects. Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.

A3 Light Panel

A2 Light Panel

Light Panel Early Learning Bucket

Transparent materials ready for little hands on the light panel. Learn shapes, the alphabet, numbers, colors, and counting with easy to hold jewels. Excellent addition to your light panel center. Stored in a reusable gallon container. Light panel not included. Ages 3+

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