The ideal container for messy, creative, and small world set-ups. This sensory play tray with removable compartments and lid was designed to help you create sensory play experiences at home and support the learning and development of babies, toddlers and young children.

What is the Play Tray?

An Award Winning Tray for Sensory Play

If you have little ones, you need the best tools to hand to help them learn and have fun. You need an easy way to set up play that will stimulate their imagination, and enable opportunities for their creativity to run wild! That's why we created the PlayTRAY. Designed with little ones in mind the PlayTRAY is a self-contained space to play, create and store all sorts of sensory activities.




Peace of mind whilst
your little ones play

Made from BPA-free, FDA premium
food-safe ABS plastic making it suitable for edible and taste-safe sensory play.


Store your play easily

Portable and practical. Multiple trays stack and the compartments are designed to fit onto both trays, for a
truly flexible play space.


Suitable for wet and
dry activities

Durable, easy to clean and

Founded By An Early Years Expert & Mother Who Gets It...

Inspire My Play is a UK-based family-run business founded by former early years teacher and mother of three, Laura Tuck, and husband, Neil. Passionate about play (and the many benefits of sensory play in early childhood), their collection of thoughtfully designed play products has been developed to make sensory and creative play accessible – for parents and educators. More inspiration, easier organization, and lots of fun!

Laura’s Story

“With a background in early years education and a mother to three young children, play has always been at the heart of our home. For several years I’ve had the privilege of sharing play and craft activities with an online community of parents. It was here that I noticed there was a need for a product that was designed specifically for setting up sensory play – something that was practical for the home and safe for young children to use.

Unlike most products on the market, the PlayTRAY has been designed specifically for sensory play. Every part has been carefully considered with this purpose in mind and includes the features that I, along with many other parents, were looking for in a play tray. Personally, one of my huge frustrations with sensory play in the past was having to pack up an activity after just one session. The PlayTRAY lid makes it easy to store, preserve and return to the play another day. Creating a flexible place to play was important to us, which is why the lid is designed to double up as a second shallower tray and the removable compartments offer more play options, as well as a place to store play equipment and supplies. We also wanted to make the PlayTRAY portable, so that it can easily be moved between indoors and outdoors and even utilised when travelling. Unlike many household items often used for sensory play, the PlayTRAY uses food-grade plastic, making it safe for children to engage in taste-safe and edible sensory play.

Sensory play develops problem solving skills, reasoning, language and physical skills, as well as boasting so many therapeutic benefits for young children. We believe sensory play shouldn’t just be seen as an ‘activity for preschool or nursery’ but is a great way for parents to build connections and memories with their children at home.”



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