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Faceted Beads

Create stunning jewelry or bead crafts with top quality faceted beads. Beads are sold in buckets, making it easy to clean up and store for later use. Crafts beads are essential fun learning tools that you won't want to be with out. Not only are crafts with beads fun for kids of every age, but they are also education. That's right, all these crafts with beads are not simply amusement for your class. In fact, crafts with beads help to strengthen hand eye coordination and can be started as young as one and a half to two years old, with supervision, of course. Stringing beads teaches children dexterity, precision and patience. These are all vital learning and social skills that kids need to be successful in school, not to mention in social settings as well. Sorting activities are also excellent cognitive development games that you can play with your crafts beads. Ask children to sort beads into size, color or shape. For older kids, make it a race to see who can spot and sort the correct beads the fastest. Kids can practice threading craft beads randomly or purposefully to make beautiful jewelry items. Necklaces, friendship bracelets, and anklets are some favorite crafts with beads. Kids who aren't into the jewelry making craft can enjoy creating a unique keychain, bookmark or cell phone chains from their craft beads. Add fun 3-dimensional effects to the standard arts and crafts projects using a little bit of glue and your crafts beads. Bucket O' Beads come conveniently packaged in sturdy resealable containers that can be reused even after you have finished your beads. Save containers so that you can refill them with economy size bags of craft beads, as well. Order now for instant crafting fun.

Faceted Beads

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Make an array of beaded crafts with our plastic craft beads.

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