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  1. Magnetic Time Activity Set

    Magnetic Time Activity Set

    SKU# 219-2984

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    Demo size, magnetic, geared clock hands to use on the whiteboard. Learn More
  2. Magnetic Pizza Fraction Demo Set

    Magnetic Pizza Fraction Demo Set

    SKU# 219-5062

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    These cute, colorful, diecut note pads can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Learn More
  3. Magnetic Number Line

    Magnetic Number Line

    SKU# 219-5194

    Member Price: $29.69

    Non-Member: $32.99

    Demonstrate counting, operations and equations in a visually engaging way with this set of 24 magnets. Learn More
  4. Magnetic-Elapsed-Time-Set-219-2983.jpg

    Magnetic Elapsed Time Set

    SKU# 219-2983

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    Magnetic Elapsed Time Set Learn More
  5. Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set

    Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set

    SKU# 219-6644

    Member Price: $29.69

    Non-Member: $32.99

    Easily demonstrate baseten number concepts on the whiteboard! Giant magnetic TenFrames and colorful discs allow students and teachers to engage with base ten and other number and operations skills (addition and subtraction) as a group.

    Set includes 4 magnetic frames, 40 discs (20 green, 20 blue) and Instruction Guide

    Frames measure 12.25" L x 5" H

    Grades K+

    Ages 5-10 Learn More
  6. Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks

    Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks

    SKU# 219-9863

    Member Price: $33.29

    Non-Member: $36.99

    Reinforce shape recognition, symmetry, congruency, fractions, area and more! Perfect for demonstration, proportionately sized pieces are 3 times the length of standard pattern blocks on each side and 9 times greater in total area! Largest piece (hexagon) measures 6 . Learn More
  7. Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set

    Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set

    SKU# 219-6366

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    Model essential base ten and place value concepts on your whiteboard so the whole class can see. Learn More
  8. 0 to 9 Magnatab By Kid O

    0 to 9 Magnatab By Kid O

    SKU# 591-K10347

    Member Price: $31.49

    Non-Member: $34.99

    Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons. Erase with the tip of a finger. Learn More

Grid List

8 Item(s)

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