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  1. Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure

    Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure

    SKU# 119-40124

    Member Price: $33.29

    Non-Member: $36.99

    Magnetic MightyMind Zoo Adventure is an ideal travel companion for keeping kids creatively busy on long trips. This dramatic and colourful play-alone activity provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children to think for themselves. Kids get totally absorbed as they follow the carefully programmed series of puzzles that build the skills every child needs. MightyMind Zoo Adventure provides the essential elements for developing independence and self-expression by encouraging children to accomplish tasks which are rewarding and build self-confidence. Age 4-9 Learn More
  2. Goodie Games ABC Cookies

    Goodie Games ABC Cookies

    SKU# 219-1183

    Member Price: $26.99

    Non-Member: $29.99

    Mastering the letters of the alphabet is tons of fun when there's cookies involved! ABC Cookies is a collection of four engaging games to reinforce alphabet, letter recognition, beginning sounds, C-V-C word building and early vocabulary. Learn More
  3. Bananagrams Anagram Game

    Bananagrams Anagram Game

    SKU# 891-00115

    Member Price: $22.49

    Non-Member: $24.99

    Bananagrams is a highly addictive anagram game that can go anywhere! Inside the zippered banana pouch are 144 letter tiles, which are placed in a 'bunch' in the middle of the table. Learn More
  4. Stone Soup Game

    Stone Soup Game

    SKU# 886-GM104

    Member Price: $19.79

    Non-Member: $21.99

    From the classic tale of cooperation comes this simple game where players work together to cook a soup by making matches of ingredients. Learn More
  5. Traffic Jam Floor Puzzle 24 pcs Melissa & Doug

    Traffic Jam Floor Puzzle 24 pcs Melissa & Doug

    SKU# 354-14421

    Member Price: $17.99

    Non-Member: $19.99

    This bright and colourful puzzle features whimsical artwork that will surely captivate young imaginations. A yard full of young animal lovers with their favourite pets! Learn More
  6. Ladybug Letters Puzzle Game

    Ladybug Letters Puzzle Game

    SKU# 015-140086

    Member Price: $16.19

    Non-Member: $17.99

    Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. Learn More
  7. Pop for Letters Game

    Pop for Letters Game

    SKU# 219-8431

    Member Price: $14.39

    Non-Member: $15.99

    Reach into this fun box to practice alphabet recognition and beginning letter sounds. Learn More

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