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  1. Figits For Your Digits

    Figits For Your Digits

    SKU# 918-LC105CR

    Member Price: $3.32

    Non-Member: $3.69

    This unique finger massage tool is very addicting! Using an easy up and down motion on each finger or as often as desired. Keep those fingers busy while waiting in line, or anytime your bored! Help ease stiff joints. It’s unique wire ring features tiny points which gently massage the fingers, using an easy up and down motion. Excellent fidget toy and stress reliever. great for children with ADHD. Ages 3 + Learn More
  2. Thera Way Anti-Stress Ball

    Thera Way Anti-Stress Ball

    SKU# 918-703515

    Member Price: $4.05

    Non-Member: $4.50

    Thera Ball Textured Hand Therapy Massage Balls by Relaxus are both textured hand exercisers and stress balls rolled into one unique ball. Learn More
  3. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Liquid Glass

    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Liquid Glass

    SKU# 844-PWLG020

    Member Price: $19.79

    Non-Member: $21.99

    For our most hard-core fans, we created Liquid Glass Thinking Putty--a completely CLEAR Thinking Putty. Learn More
  4. Swingos Fidget

    Swingos Fidget

    SKU# 673-TPG868

    Member Price: $8.99

    Non-Member: $9.99

    Swingos are perfect for those with special needs, kinestehtic learners and fidgerters young and old. Learn More
  5. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Super Scarab

    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Super Scarab

    SKU# 844-PWSC020

    Member Price: $19.79

    Non-Member: $21.99

    Super Scarab offers incredible color shift from blue into purple right through to red and copper. Learn More
  6. Qboid Fidget by Brainwright

    Qboid Fidget by Brainwright

    SKU# 501-8011D

    Member Price: $9.89

    Non-Member: $10.99

    Get your hands on this uniquely-shaped twisty puzzle! Mix up the Qboid and then twist, flip, and rotate the parts to match up the colors. Learn More
  7. Loopeez Fidget

    Loopeez Fidget

    SKU# 673-TPG861

    Member Price: $6.29

    Non-Member: $6.99

    The perfect mindless fiddle! Endlessly flip the bright curved pieces around the duel axes of the rings. Learn More
  8. Pencil with Fidget

    Pencil with Fidget

    SKU# 500-fidgets

    Member Price: $2.24

    Non-Member: $2.49

    Choice of wingnuts, nut n' bolt, bump n' run, and spin snappers. Sold individually. Learn More
  9. Chewy Wrist Bands Set of 2

    Chewy Wrist Bands Set of 2

    SKU# 262-WR3435

    Member Price: $15.29

    Non-Member: $16.99

    No more soggy sleeves! This wristband is the perfect alternative for children who chew their clothes! Made of organic cotton, the wristband is a snug fit and safe for mouthing. Learn More
  10. Super Boinks 2 Pack

    Super Boinks 2 Pack

    SKU# 438-2PACK

    Member Price: $6.29

    Non-Member: $6.99

    Super Boinks are longer than the classic Boinks, but a ton of fun to launch in the air! A 7″ long by 3/4″ wide flexible tube toy, which can be turned inside out for a kaleidoscope effect. Learn More

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