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  1. Classroom Management for Successful Instruction Ebook

    Classroom Management for Successful Instruction Ebook

    SKU# 9781425895716

    Member Price: $37.79

    Non-Member: $41.99

    Maintain a positive classroom environment by implementing the tips, suggestions, and strategies provided in this teacher resource. With a focus on classroom management, this resource helps teachers support rigorous instruction through topics such as providing a positive learning environment, observing the physical and social classroom environment, handling classroom disruptions and keeping students engaged, communicating with parents, and more. Use this professional development resource to begin maintaining your positive classroom environment today. Learn More
  2. Hot Pouches-Laminator

    Hot Pouches-Laminator

    SKU# 073-8811

    Member Price: $44.09

    Non-Member: $48.99

    Works with our convenient and compact Personal Classroom Laminator. Includes 100 laminating pouches Learn More
  3. Construction Paper Storage

    Construction Paper Storage

    SKU# 012-1310

    Member Price: $43.19

    Non-Member: $47.99

    Store up to 15 colours of 23cm x 30.5cm (9" x 12") sheets of construction paper. Each slot has it’s own identification tab. Learn More
  4. Game Of Life

    Game Of Life

    SKU# 211-C0161000

    Member Price: $38.25

    Non-Member: $42.50

    In The Game of Life game players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life. Learn More
  5. 25 x 500 150 Clear Trans-Kote Laminating Roll

    25 x 500 150 Clear Trans-Kote Laminating Roll

    SKU# 516-11525500

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    Trans-Kote is a polyester which is coated with a thermally-active adhesive designed for use on any of the known thermal laminating machines. To obtain improved durability, appearance and grease and dirt resistance, laminate your paper products with Trans-Kote.. Laminating Film Rolls No. 150 Clear Trans-Kote Rolls (1.5 mil) Learn More
  6. Applying Brain Research and Technology to Engage Today's

    Applying Brain Research and Technology to Engage Today's

    SKU# 9781425894856

    Member Price: $37.79

    Non-Member: $41.99

    The ever present new media, social sites, information, and global society have changed the way tech savvy people access information. But cognitive science tells us that today's students think in very much the same way students did in the past. The focus of this K-12 book is how educators can effectively deliver instruction that maximizes their students' ability to grow academically and emotionally amidst the "noise" of technology. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports core concepts of STEM instruction. Learn More
  7. Science and Technology Words Ebook

    Science and Technology Words Ebook

    SKU# 9781612471525

    Member Price: $44.00

    Non-Member: $48.89

    The reproducible lessons in this series focus on practical vocabulary terms, skills, and concepts in relevant situational settings. Struggling students learn over 3,000 high-utility words in 28 self-contained thematic lessons. Additionally, each lesson activates prior knowledge and continually reinforces fundamental language arts skills and concepts. These reproducible books include teacher notes and tips, answer keys, reference guides, lessons, unit reviews, and more. Lessons Include: Science in the News, Computers and the Net, The Natural World, Observations and Experiments. Learn More
  8. Dynamic Seating Cushion 15

    Dynamic Seating Cushion 15

    SKU# 262-BA1880

    Member Price: $42.29

    Non-Member: $46.99

    The Dynamic Seating cushions is an ideal choice for children with sensory processing and focus challenges as it allows just the right amount of movement without leaving their chair. Colour may vary. Learn More

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