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  1. Stacking Shapes Pegboard

    Stacking Shapes Pegboard

    SKU# 219-1572

    Member Price: $23.19

    Non-Member: $28.99

    Teach geometric shapes and reinforce fine motor skills as kids put the correct shape into the pegboard. Learn More
  2. Simple Stopwatch

    Simple Stopwatch

    SKU# 219-0808

    Member Price: $12.79

    Non-Member: $15.99

    Simple Stopwatch
    Even your youngest students can master it! Only 3 buttons—green for go, red for stop and yellow for clear. Learn More
  3. Easy Grip Tweezers Set of 12

    Easy Grip Tweezers Set of 12

    SKU# 219-1963

    Member Price: $17.59

    Non-Member: $21.99

    Easy Grip Tweezers feature an ergonomic design that guide small hands into the a proper pincer-grasp grip. Learn More
  4. Link 'N' Learn Links (BKT/500)

    Link 'N' Learn Links (BKT/500)

    SKU# 219-0257

    Member Price: $23.19

    Non-Member: $28.99

    Use these 4-colour links for sorting, patterning, counting, measurement, even graphing activities! Pliable 1. Learn More
  5. Coloured Safety Goggles

    Coloured Safety Goggles

    SKU# 219-2449

    Member Price: $37.59

    Non-Member: $46.99

    Make safety in the classroom even more fun with Learning Resources Coloured Safety Goggles. Learn More
  6. Hands-on Soft Geometric Solids

    Hands-on Soft Geometric Solids

    SKU# 219-6120

    Member Price: $26.39

    Non-Member: $32.99

    Enhance geometry lessons through colorful, tactile 3-D shapes with quiet Hands-On Soft(R) Geometric Solids. Learn More
  7. Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes Set of 1000

    Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes Set of 1000

    SKU# 219-0305

    Member Price: $47.19

    Non-Member: $58.99

    Weigh them or measure them! Brightly colored interlocking plastic cubes each measure one cubic centimeter and weigh one gram. Learn More
  8. Large Plastic Geo Solids (SET/10)

    Large Plastic Geo Solids (SET/10)

    SKU# 219-0922

    Member Price: $29.59

    Non-Member: $36.99

    This big bright set of shapes make exploring geometry fun! Shapes have a common 3dimension to illustrate relationships between area, volume, shape, form and size. Learn More
  9. Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

    Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

    SKU# 219-2783

    Member Price: $37.59

    Non-Member: $46.99

    Explore and compare measurements! Chunky, colorful tools are contoured for little hands. Learn More

  10. Beginners Balance

    Beginners Balance

    SKU# 219-0740

    Member Price: $19.99

    Non-Member: $24.99

    Introduce mass and measurement with this simple see-saw balance. Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 20

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