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  1. Large Robotics Storage Tub

    Large Robotics Storage Tub

    SKU# 463-RS200

    Member Price: $625.49

    Non-Member: $694.99

    The Large Robotics Storage Tub is designed to store and charge different brands and sizes of robotics in one secure location. Learn More
  2. Bee-Bot Rechargeable Dock

    Bee-Bot Rechargeable Dock

    SKU# 057-EL00358

    Member Price: $89.99

    Non-Member: $99.99

    A mains rechargeable docking station for up to six rechargeable Bee-Bots® or Blue-Bots. Learn More
  3. Excellerations Engineering With Ramps 20 Pcs

    Excellerations Engineering With Ramps 20 Pcs

    SKU# 285-RAMPSET

    Member Price: $67.49

    Non-Member: $74.99

    Create fun engineering experiments! Simply place supports in the bases, add ramps and complete challenges to discover force and motion, cause and effect and more science concepts. Specially sized to be used on a table top or floor. Learn More
  4. Blue-Bot-Class-Bundle 6pk

    Blue-Bot-Class-Bundle 6pk

    SKU# 057-IT10080

    Member Price: $881.99

    Non-Member: $979.99

    Get involved with the Blue-Bot Class and School packs.

    Learn More
  5. Elenco Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

    Elenco Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

    SKU# 903-SC3DI

    Member Price: $85.49

    Non-Member: $94.99

    Exciting light effect. 3-color light tunnel. Projector with 6 cool images. Mirrors and reflecting circuits. Comes with over 50 parts. Learn More
  6. Bee-Bot Class Bundle 6pk SCIEQUIP

    Bee-Bot Class Bundle 6pk SCIEQUIP

    SKU# 057-IT10079

    Member Price: $656.99

    Non-Member: $729.99

    Award winning programmable floor robot, the Bee-Bot® has a simple and child friendly layout that is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. Learn More
  7. Bee-Bot Number Track

    Bee-Bot Number Track

    SKU# 057-FWALKN

    Member Price: $61.19

    Non-Member: $67.99

    An exciting way to incorporate ICT and number line activities. Learn More
  8. Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat

    Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat

    SKU# 057-IT00853

    Member Price: $53.09

    Non-Member: $58.99

    This Bee-Bot Alphabet mat is an excellent way to learn literacy and ICT skills through play. Learn More
  9. World Bee-Bot Map

    World Bee-Bot Map

    SKU# 057-GE00466

    Member Price: $168.29

    Non-Member: $186.99

    Bee-Bot World Map, printed onto a hardwearing vinyl, a massive 1.2 x 2.1m! Learn More
  10. Bee-Bot Farmyard Mat

    Bee-Bot Farmyard Mat

    SKU# 057-IBFARM

    Member Price: $53.99

    Non-Member: $59.99

    Program Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot on a farmyard adventure with this colourful floor mat. Learn about life on the farm, different farm animals and act out rural adventures! Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 78

per page
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