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  1. Read My List! Game

    Read My List! Game

    SKU# 073-2875

    Member Price: $22.49

    Non-Member: $24.99

    What do onions, gold, and boxing have in common? They’re all types of rings! Listen to a list, remember what you heard, then think quick! Win points for naming things missing from the list, identifying their category, or being the last player standing in a Lightning Round. Learn More
  2. Brain Quest Kindergarten

    Brain Quest Kindergarten

    SKU# 042-9780761166603

    Member Price: $16.16

    Non-Member: $17.95

    Brain Quest is beloved by kids, trusted by parents, used and recommended by teachers. Learn More
  3. Bugs Floor Puzzle Melissa & Doug

    Bugs Floor Puzzle Melissa & Doug

    SKU# 354-10420

    Member Price: $17.99

    Non-Member: $19.99

    Explore the colourful world of Bugs with Melissa and Doug. Kids ages 3 and up can assemble 24 pieces to reveal a whimsical scene filled with vibrant insects. Learn More
  4. Early Accelerator Cards Set 1

    Early Accelerator Cards Set 1

    SKU# 157-114

    Member Price: $20.69

    Non-Member: $22.99

    Systematic, progressive activities. Learn More
  5. Bananagrams Anagram Game

    Bananagrams Anagram Game

    SKU# 891-00115

    Member Price: $20.69

    Non-Member: $22.99

    Bananagrams is a highly addictive anagram game that can go anywhere! Inside the zippered banana pouch are 144 letter tiles, which are placed in a 'bunch' in the middle of the table. Learn More
  6. Fraction Dominoes

    Fraction Dominoes

    SKU# 833-4080

    Member Price: $17.09

    Non-Member: $18.99

    Keep the class on their toes and doing mental computation in these fastpaced games! Each card has a large "I have" numeral along with addition and subtraction questions at four levels of difficulty. One student reads, "I have 8. Who has 16 plus 5?" Be alert! If you have 21, it's your turn! Questions and answers continue until the cycle is complete. Includes 32 cards with answers from 1 to 32. Set A highlights basic addition and subtraction facts and beyond. Set B has simple column addition plus doubledigit addition and subtraction with renaming. For the whole class, small groups, or as solitaire. Learn More
  7. Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure

    Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure

    SKU# 119-40124

    Member Price: $33.29

    Non-Member: $36.99

    Magnetic MightyMind Zoo Adventure is an ideal travel companion for keeping kids creatively busy on long trips. This dramatic and colourful play-alone activity provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children to think for themselves. Kids get totally absorbed as they follow the carefully programmed series of puzzles that build the skills every child needs. MightyMind Zoo Adventure provides the essential elements for developing independence and self-expression by encouraging children to accomplish tasks which are rewarding and build self-confidence. Age 4-9 Learn More
  8. Telling Time Match Me Cards

    Telling Time Match Me Cards

    SKU# 156-58004

    Member Price: $8.09

    Non-Member: $8.99

    Award-winning Match Me Cards engage learners' matching, memory, and word/picture recognition skills. Digital and analog clock faces with corresponding numbers and words. Hours in quarters, halves, three-quarters, and wholes. Learn More
  9. French Phonics Fun: Consonant Sounds for Beginner Readers

    French Phonics Fun: Consonant Sounds for Beginner Readers

    SKU# 254-PHC1

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    Excellent resource to introduce and practice French consonants for beginner readers. Learn More
  10. Giant Pick Up Sticks by Pressman

    Giant Pick Up Sticks by Pressman

    SKU# 502-PR1514

    Member Price: $7.19

    Non-Member: $7.99

    This colorful game straight out of the good old days from Pressman Toy will delight new generations! Try to move and collect the colorful sticks carefully to win. Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 258

per page
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