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  1. The Great Alfresco Set Large Obstacle Course

    The Great Alfresco Set Large Obstacle Course

    SKU# 007-38555

    Member Price: $1,282.49

    Non-Member: $1,424.99

    The "ALFRESCO" blocks, designed for booth indoor and out doors use, are easy to put together in infinite combinations. Learn More
  2. Go Go Balance Fun

    Go Go Balance Fun

    SKU# 119-P0013

    Member Price: $809.99

    Non-Member: $899.99

    Balancing activities are essential during a child's development, and the Go-Go Balance Fun set from Weplay offers kids lots of ways to explore balance, coordination and more. Learn More
  3. Mono Trampoline

    Mono Trampoline

    SKU# 313-G2400

    Member Price: $697.49

    Non-Member: $774.99

    The Mono Trampoline is functionally correct and specifically designed for children. Learn More
  4. Weplay Jungle Trail

    Weplay Jungle Trail

    SKU# 119-534042

    Member Price: $413.99

    Non-Member: $459.99

    Inspired by a forest path. Learn More
  5. Weplay Nesting Balance Path

    Weplay Nesting Balance Path

    SKU# 119-534045

    Member Price: $404.99

    Non-Member: $449.99

    Provided with paths of four different animal footprints, widths and heights, Weplay Nesting Balance Path can be nested for adjusting length and creating various twists and turns. Learn More
  6. Blue Wavy Tactile Path

    Blue Wavy Tactile Path

    SKU# 119-T0009B

    Member Price: $386.99

    Non-Member: $429.99

    The patterns and the width of the board are designed to offer tactile sensory activities for children. Learn More

  7. Rock-A-Boat


    SKU# 172-12000

    Member Price: $377.99

    Non-Member: $419.99

    A tip-proof, durable, play unit built for physical & balance development. Learn More
  8. Junior Rubber Ball Kit

    Junior Rubber Ball Kit

    SKU# 603-RBJKIT

    Member Price: $287.99

    Non-Member: $319.99

    Six size 5 Playground Series Basketballs, Six size 4 Playground Series Rubber Soccer Balls, Six size 6 Playground Series Footballs, Six 8. Learn More
  9. Weplay Rocking Bowl

    Weplay Rocking Bowl

    SKU# 119-534020

    Member Price: $287.99

    Non-Member: $319.99

    It’s a car or a boat to fill up with plastic balls (not included), action figures, stuffed animals - anything at all. Learn More
  10. Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds

    Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds

    SKU# 119-534018

    Member Price: $278.99

    Non-Member: $309.99

    The board with hard and soft sides provides dynamic balance. Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 61

per page
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