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  1. Very First Magnet Kit

    Very First Magnet Kit

    SKU# 029-731200

    Member Price: $40.49

    Non-Member: $44.99

    Inspires next generation scientists! Amazes early learners as the observe and investigate magnetism for the first time. Explore magnetic versus non-magnetic objects, play magnet games and discover if a magnetic force travels through water, cardboard or the sides of a glass jar.

    Learn More
  2. Tornado Tube

    Tornado Tube

    SKU# 055-80788

    Member Price: $6.29

    Non-Member: $6.99

    Add two 2-litre pop bottles to a Tornado Tube and voila! You have a perfect hands-on way to demonstrate vortex power. Learn More
  3. Super Magnet Lab

    Super Magnet Lab

    SKU# 219-2064

    Member Price: $53.99

    Non-Member: $59.99

    Everyone gets hands-on exploration with this complete 224-piece classroom set for 25 students. Learn More
  4. Stethoscope


    SKU# 219-2427

    Member Price: $20.69

    Non-Member: $22.99

    Calling all future doctors...this working stethoscope actually lets children hear their own heartbeats. Sturdy enough to withstand years of use. Learn More
  5. Simple Machines 5 Pack

    Simple Machines 5 Pack

    SKU# 219-2442

    Member Price: $69.29

    Non-Member: $76.99

    Students can construct, examine and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier. Learn More
  6. See Through Compost Container

    See Through Compost Container

    SKU# 073-5095

    Member Price: $62.99

    Non-Member: $69.99

    Three separate, aerated compartments enable kids to view the entire decomposition process clearly and make side-by-side comparisons between different materials. Included thermometers demonstrate temperature changes during decomposition process. Learn More
  7. Pumping Heart Model

    Pumping Heart Model

    SKU# 219-3535

    Member Price: $62.99

    Non-Member: $69.99

    Easy-to-use, multi-sensory model uses a simple hand pump to demonstrate basic heart and pulmonary blood flow. Learn More
  8. Primary Magnet Wands Set of 24

    Primary Magnet Wands Set of 24

    SKU# 029-736625

    Member Price: $62.99

    Non-Member: $69.99

    Magnet Wands are extra-strong, super-safe block magnets encased in brilliant plastic that are easy for kids to handle. Combine with Magnet Marbles for endless hours of extended learning and play! Learn More
  9. Precision School Balance With Weights

    Precision School Balance With Weights

    SKU# 219-2420

    Member Price: $58.49

    Non-Member: $64.99

    Sleek quality balance made of highimpact plastic features builtin weight case with SnapTight (tm) lid, 10 brass weights, 2deep removable pans, zero adjustment knob and damping button. Total capacity of 2000g with +/ 0.5g accuracy. Ages 8 to 13 Learn More
  10. Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Wooden Catapult Kit

    Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Wooden Catapult Kit

    SKU# 473-D17

    Member Price: $17.99

    Non-Member: $19.99

    Based on Leonardo's historical Codex Atlanticus sketches in the 1480's, this working wood catapult flings a soft clay ball over 12 feet! Great for school projects, hobbyists, and those who like to fling things! Historically accurate, it is easy to assemble for ages 9 and over, and once finished will provide hours of educational fun in testing the distance of the clay balls (included) and other items you can find around the house (tin foil balls, cotton balls, styrofoam balls etc. Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 25

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