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  1. Are You My Baby? Arabic-English Arabic-English

    Are You My Baby? Arabic-English Arabic-English

    SKU# 201-9781595723604

    Member Price: $7.16

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Arabic-English Toddlers will enjoy answering "yes" or "no" and imitating the animals as they guess which baby belongs to each parent. Learn More
  2. Wheres the Kitten? Chinese-English

    Wheres the Kitten? Chinese-English

    SKU# 201-9781595724250

    Member Price: $7.16

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Chinese-English Where's the kitten? Where's the kitten hiding? In a basket? In a closet? Lift the flaps to find out what the kitten is doing and to meet some of the kitten's friends. Learn More
  3. Wheres the Baby? Korean-English

    Wheres the Baby? Korean-English

    SKU# 201-9781595726537

    Member Price: $7.16

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Korean-English Here's the baby's apple and here's the baby's chair. Learn More
  4. My First Words Outside

    My First Words Outside

    SKU# 201-9781595723321

    Member Price: $8.06

    Non-Member: $8.95

    Whether on the beach, in the park, on the farm, in the garden or in the forest, there are dozens of words for babies and toddlers to discover in this photo-filled book featuring the great outdoors. Learn More
  5. Chocolate Me!

    Chocolate Me!

    SKU# 612-9781250068019

    Member Price: $8.09

    Non-Member: $8.99

    The boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. Learn More
  6. Carry Me French-English

    Carry Me French-English

    SKU# 201-9781595722164

    Member Price: $8.96

    Non-Member: $9.95

    French-English Babies worldwide are carried in unique ways. The charming photos in this book show the many ways global babies travel. Learn More
  7. Eating the Rainbow French-English

    Eating the Rainbow French-English

    SKU# 201-9781595722188

    Member Price: $8.96

    Non-Member: $9.95

    French-English Toddlers will learn the names of colours and be encouraged to eat healthy foods, just like the multi-ethnic children in this book. Learn More

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7 Item(s)

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