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  1. Classroom Laminator

    Classroom Laminator

    SKU# 073-8810

    Member Price: $130.49

    Non-Member: $144.99

    The Classroom Laminator is a teacher's best friend. Compact, safe, and easy to use, this handy laminator lets you protect important classroom materials like student work, photos, bulletin board decorations, desk tags, and ID cards. Use hot or cold settings to instantly create longlasting instructional materials for your students that can be used with dryerase markers and crayons. Learn More
  2. Geosafari Motorized Solar System

    Geosafari Motorized Solar System

    SKU# 073-5287

    Member Price: $76.49

    Non-Member: $84.99

    Watch the planets rotate just like they do in space with eight motorized planets and a glowing light-up sun. Turn off the lights and project a star show on the ceiling for the ultimate in-room space experience! Learn More
  3. See Through Compost Container

    See Through Compost Container

    SKU# 073-5095

    Member Price: $62.99

    Non-Member: $69.99

    Three separate, aerated compartments enable kids to view the entire decomposition process clearly and make side-by-side comparisons between different materials. Included thermometers demonstrate temperature changes during decomposition process. Learn More
  4. Fluorescent Light Filters Tranquil Blue by Educational Insights

    Fluorescent Light Filters Tranquil Blue by Educational Insights

    SKU# 073-1230

    Member Price: $58.49

    Non-Member: $64.99

    Fluorescent lights are a staple in classrooms, but their harsh glare and flickering light can cause eyestrain, headaches, and anxiety in students. Cover your classroom fluorescent lights with these fabric panels that fit over standard ceiling fixtures with sturdy, sewnin magnets. Each set includes four 2' x 4' heatresistant panels in Tranquil Blue. For use with fluorescent lights only! Learn More
  5. Hot Pouches-Laminator

    Hot Pouches-Laminator

    SKU# 073-8811

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    Works with our convenient and compact Personal Classroom Laminator. Includes 100 laminating pouches Learn More
  6. Multicoloured Jumbo Alpha And Mathmagnets

    Multicoloured Jumbo Alpha And Mathmagnets

    SKU# 073-1688

    Member Price: $38.69

    Non-Member: $42.99

    Features 100 jumbo magnets that stay where they're placed. Learn More
  7. Hydroponics Lab

    Hydroponics Lab

    SKU# 073-5099

    Member Price: $35.99

    Non-Member: $39.99

    The Hydroponics Lab provides young scientists with a 360 view of plants growing from the roots up. Learn More
  8. SpinZone Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners

    SpinZone Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners

    SKU# 073-1768

    Member Price: $31.49

    Non-Member: $34.99

    Add a fun spin to your classroom activities! Use these three giant 11" spinners to turn your whiteboard into a custom game or activity for the whole class. Draw a circle, write in content, attach a spinner, and play! Patent pending. Learn More
  9. Magnetic Sight Words

    Magnetic Sight Words

    SKU# 073-1610

    Member Price: $22.49

    Non-Member: $24.99

    Children love forming sentences with these easy-to-use magnetic paper tiles. Use on magnetic boards, file cabinets - any metal surface! Perfect for beginning reading activities including sentence building, rhyming, phonics, parts of speech, and much more. Learn More
  10. Kanoodle Game by Educational Insights

    Kanoodle Game by Educational Insights

    SKU# 073-2978

    Member Price: $19.79

    Non-Member: $21.99

    Kanoodle is two brain-twisters inside one pocket-size case! Players are challenged to use combinations of connected beads to construct colourful designs in 2D puzzles and 3D pyramids. Learn More

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