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  1. Wooden Beads 100 pcs

    Wooden Beads 100 pcs

    SKU# 219-0140

    Member Price: $42.29

    Non-Member: $46.99

    This set of colourful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders with laces provides plenty of pre-reading and early math practice. Learn More
  2. Intermediate Pattern Block Design Cards

    Intermediate Pattern Block Design Cards

    SKU# 219-0264

    Member Price: $22.49

    Non-Member: $24.99

    Thirtysix designs, varying in complexity, entertain and encourage geometric exploration. Learn More
  3. Link 'N' Learn Links (BKT/500)

    Link 'N' Learn Links (BKT/500)

    SKU# 219-0257

    Member Price: $26.09

    Non-Member: $28.99

    Use these 4-colour links for sorting, patterning, counting, measurement, even graphing activities! Pliable 1. Learn More
  4. Geometric Wood Shapes Set

    Geometric Wood Shapes Set

    SKU# 219-0120

    Member Price: $24.29

    Non-Member: $26.99

    Set of 12. Learn More
  5. Folding Geometric Shapes

    Folding Geometric Shapes

    SKU# 219-0921

    Member Price: $53.09

    Non-Member: $58.99

    This innovative folding geometric shape set is perfect for hands-on lessons in symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume. Learn More
  6. Cubelets Twelve Kit

    Cubelets Twelve Kit

    SKU# 404-440

    Member Price: $359.97

    Non-Member: $599.99

    The Cubelets TWELVE the best way to introduce children of all ages to robotics, coding, and design thinking. Learn More
  7. Pan Balance Jr

    Pan Balance Jr

    SKU# 219-0898

    Member Price: $29.69

    Non-Member: $32.99

    Investigate capacity, mass and volume with this easy-to-use, durable, plastic balance. Learn More
  8. Classroom Compact Scale

    Classroom Compact Scale

    SKU# 219-32016

    Member Price: $67.49

    Non-Member: $74.99

    A small scale that does big jobs, this compact, heavy duty scale is perfect for small classrooms and science labs with little counter space. Learn More
  9. Wood Geometric Solids Set of 19

    Wood Geometric Solids Set of 19

    SKU# 219-4298

    Member Price: $38.69

    Non-Member: $42.99

    Smooth, hardwood solid shapes. Learn More
  10. Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes Set of 1000

    Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes Set of 1000

    SKU# 219-0305

    Member Price: $53.09

    Non-Member: $58.99

    Weigh them or measure them! Brightly colored interlocking plastic cubes each measure one cubic centimeter and weigh one gram. Learn More

Grid List

Items 11-20 of 26

per page
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