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  1. Sensory Balls 5in Set of 6

    Sensory Balls 5in Set of 6

    SKU# 603-PSEN3S

    Member Price: $38.69

    Non-Member: $42.99

    The Sensory Ball Set includes a six colourful 12cm (4. Learn More
  2. Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger's

    Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger's

    SKU# 015-KE845035

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    Help children develop social and communication skills with Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger's. The set includes 90 fullcolor photo cards with a social story printed on the back of each photo card. Use the photo and story as a discussion starter for helping children better understand a social situation, skill, or concept that they may find confusing or difficult to navigate. Each situation is described in detail and socially appropriate responses are provided for the children to practice. The set includes such topics as meeting and greeting people, personal space, manners, safety, good sportsmanship, emotions, making and keeping friends, and more! 90 cards Learn More
  3. 17 Therapy Ball

    17 Therapy Ball

    SKU# 262-BL1867

    Member Price: $40.49

    Non-Member: $44.99

    Exercise balls are wonderful fun and therapeutic tools. Learn More
  4. 24 Hopper Ball Green

    24 Hopper Ball Green

    SKU# 262-BL1878

    Member Price: $41.39

    Non-Member: $45.99

    Working out on our fantastic bouncers provides great vestibular and proprioceptive input and can improve bilateral skills! Great for indoor and outdoor use, try bouncing our hopper ball through an obstacle course. Hopper balls are available in 16 inches yellow, 20 inches orange and 24 inches green.Colors may vary. Requires air pump to inflate. Sold separately. Maximum weight 180 pounds. Learn More
  5. Letter Vests 32 Pack

    Letter Vests 32 Pack

    SKU# 138-4960

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    With Letter Vests, kids can spell out over 400 sight words and word family groupings. Each vest in this set features the lower case letter on the front and the capital letter on the back. Learn More
  6. Candy Construction

    Candy Construction

    SKU# 219-5020

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    Build candy structures, thinking skills and fine motor strength! Learn More
  7. Rainbow 3 Dice 6 Pack

    Rainbow 3 Dice 6 Pack

    SKU# 603-PJ18S

    Member Price: $44.99

    Non-Member: $49.99

    PU coated dice in a rainbow of colours are great for a wide variety of activities. Sponge rubber construction. Set includes six 3.5" dice, one in each colour. Learn More

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7 Item(s)

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