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  1. Boinks Fidgets 3 Pack

    Boinks Fidgets 3 Pack

    SKU# 438-F3P

    Member Price: $8.09

    Non-Member: $8.99

    Boinks FidgetsTM are great in helping reduce stress. Learn More
  2. Crayola Silly Putty Egg

    Crayola Silly Putty Egg

    SKU# 026-080420

    Member Price: $1.58

    Non-Member: $1.75

    Original Silly Putty comes in its signature red egg. Learn More
  3. Bouncybands For School Desks Blue

    Bouncybands For School Desks Blue

    SKU# 047-850002301120

    Member Price: $24.29

    Non-Member: $26.99

    Bouncy Bands for Desks are made from heavy-duty rubber. Learn More

  4. BouncyBands For Elementary School Chairs Blue

    BouncyBands For Elementary School Chairs Blue

    SKU# 047-850002301205

    Member Price: $22.49

    Non-Member: $24.99

    The Bouncy Bands for Chairs can be used with the small Kindergarten chairs and they also stretch to fit adult chairs. They can stretch to fit chairs that have a distance from 13-18" between the chair legs.

    Learn More
  5. Harmony Roller

    Harmony Roller

    SKU# 918-L10362

    Member Price: $8.99

    Non-Member: $9.99

    Instantly relieve stress, muscle aches and pains, by using our in demand smooth Harmony rolling ball. Learn More
  6. Boinks 4 Pack

    Boinks 4 Pack

    SKU# 438-4PACK

    Member Price: $6.29

    Non-Member: $6.99

    Classic Boinks, the original toy, is one of a kind. Learn More
  7. Wonder Wands

    Wonder Wands

    SKU# 222-WW

    Member Price: $8.09

    Non-Member: $8.99

    Filled with glitter and confetti, the Wonder Wand makes every experience more fun! Learn More
  8. Red Cool Chew Stem

    Red Cool Chew Stem

    SKU# 262-CF6313

    Member Price: $10.79

    Non-Member: $11.99

    Like chew tubes, our Cool Chew Stem can calm and focus children who crave oral stimulation. Learn More
  9. Thera Way Anti-Stress Ball

    Thera Way Anti-Stress Ball

    SKU# 918-703515

    Member Price: $4.05

    Non-Member: $4.50

    Thera Ball Textured Hand Therapy Massage Balls by Relaxus are both textured hand exercisers and stress balls rolled into one unique ball. Learn More
  10. Magic Balls

    Magic Balls

    SKU# 918-701415

    Member Price: $3.15

    Non-Member: $3.50

    The Stress Balls are used for the therapeutic treatment of stress - simply hold and squeeze repeatedly with fingers. Learn More

Grid List

Items 1-10 of 28

per page
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