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  1. Nuliajuk


    SKU# 201-9781772665789

    Member Price: $7.16

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Discover the amazing story of how an ordinary girl became the mother of sea mammals. Learn More
  2. Cockadoodledoo Barnyard Hullabaloo

    Cockadoodledoo Barnyard Hullabaloo

    SKU# 612-9781589253872

    Member Price: $4.67

    Non-Member: $11.50

    The rooster wakes the farm up with a cock-a-doodle-doo! The sheepdog won't stop barking, and the cows begin to moo!

    Children will love to explore the bright and noisy barnyard in this wonderful collection of poems from the award-winning author and illustrator team of Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz. Learn More
  3. Sometimes I Feel Jealous

    Sometimes I Feel Jealous

    SKU# 201-9781772665161

    Member Price: $4.77

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Siksik is jealous when she hears her parents are going to have another baby. Learn More
  4. Sometimes I Feel Nervous

    Sometimes I Feel Nervous

    SKU# 201-9781772665130

    Member Price: $4.77

    Non-Member: $7.95

    Caribou is nervous about his first day of school tomorrow! Luckily his good friend Seagull helps him get ready. Learn More
  5. I Have a Cold

    I Have a Cold

    SKU# 087-9780531210697

    Member Price: $4.07

    Non-Member: $7.99

    Everyone gets a cold at some point, and were all familiar with the symptoms: a stuffy or runny nose, a sore throat, a cough. Learn More
  6. Rive Little Ducks

    Rive Little Ducks

    SKU# 200-9780517800577

    Member Price: $8.55

    Non-Member: $9.50

    This board book featuring a counting song by Raffi makes the perfect "addition" to your springtime reading list! Babies and toddlers willl love counting down as first five little ducks, then four, then three, then two, then one go out to play, not to return. Learn More
  7. I Love You Grandma

    I Love You Grandma

    SKU# 612-9781680105247

    Member Price: $6.97

    Non-Member: $11.50

    There are so many things that Little Bear loves about Grandma. Learn More
  8. Buzz said the Bee

    Buzz said the Bee

    SKU# 087-9780590441858

    Member Price: $2.57

    Non-Member: $4.99

    A beloved bestselling level 1 reader!

    A bee sits on Duck, and when duck QUACKS at it to scat, it doesn't listen! So Duck sits on Hen. Learn More

Grid List

8 Item(s)

per page

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