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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which site should I shop at?

A: Our sites have been designed to allow you to experience different educational interests and needs, teacher, daycare, toy and school. Each site offers you the option to carry your shopping cart allowing you to shop our entire product line without ever leaving the Scholar’s Choice banner.

A: You are able to shop on all sites but only the School site will allow you to pay with a purchase order. The school site does allows multiple methods of payment, Visa, MasterCard and Purchase order.

Q: I am a Parent - where do I shop?

A: Our Toy site has been designed to meet the needs of parents shopping for children from infancy to early high school. Any product that relates to a child's development is found on this site. If you are looking for toys that promote development in young children (under the age of 5) you will find this on the site. As children reach school age you find toys, games and other educational products that are suitable for this age range. If your school age child is struggling with particular aspects of education - math, learning to read, science etc - we have all these products categorized on this site. If your child is experiencing learning difficutlies such as ADD, ADHD or autism, you will find products that will help in these areas. You will see on the site that the upper navigation bar highlights different categories of products and the drop down menu further refines this and it also identifies learning development icons that you can search product by as well. Most all product that Scholar's Choice carries can be found on all our sites through the search box. We have only categorised specific items within each site that we feel are the main items that customers would be looking for. In this case the Toy site has all the products that we feel parents are looking for to enhance the educational development of their children from infancy to early high school.


Q:. Why would I shop on the Teacher site versus the School Site?

A: Our School Site has everything that you would need for a school which is running a JK to early high school program. It includes furniture, equipment, classroom supplies, teacher resources, ebooks, manipulatives, educational toys and games, classroom decoratives and incentives. You would normally shop on this site if the school or school board (district) was paying for your order. This site and only this site allows customers with accounts to charge their order on their account and use a purchase order # to do this. However, beacuse our site has the unique feature that you can carry your shopping cart throughout all our sites, you could start adding product to your cart on the School Site and end your shopping and checkout on the Teacher Site. You just wouldn't be able to use a purchase order and charge to a school board account if you are checking out on the Teacher Site.

A: Our Teacher Site has everything you would require if you were teaching a JK to early high school grade. It includes, teacher resources, ebooks, manipulatives, classroom decorations, incentives, educational toys and games and classroom supplies. You would normally shop on this site if you were a teacher and paying for the product and not the school or school board. However, a school could shop on this site and pay for the order using a credit card.

Q: How can I pay for my order with a purchase order #?

A: If you have an account with us at Scholar's Choice and have a Purchase Order, you are able to place an order on the School Site.


Q: Who qualifies to charge for orders on account using a puchase order #?

A: We extend credit to Schools, school boards, municipalities, provincial government departments, federal government departments, healthcare institutions, daycare centres, libraries, community centres, churches and businesses. You will be asked to fill out a credit application and upon approval you will be given a credit limit that you can put orders on account with Scholar's Choice. In oprder to access your account and charge for orders you are required to checkout on our School Site. However, because of our unique feature that allows you to add items to your shopping cart on any of our sites and the items can be carried from site to site in your cart, it is easy to shop all our site and then checkout on the School Site to cahrge to your account. You just need to checkout on the School Site when you are ready to place your order in order to access your chartge account information.

Q: Can I change the ship to address on my order?

A: When placing an order with a purchase order # you cannot change the ship to address from the one that is populated when you log on to the site. If you need to change the ship to you will be required to call our customer service department 1-800-265-1095.


Q: I am a member and I want to purchase on the school site?

A: Your membership pricing will appear when you log in as a member. If you are using a purchase order to pay you will not able to use your membership discount. Your membership is for personal use only and cannot be combined with offers for Schools, Daycares or other institutions.


Q: When will my order ship?

A: Your order will ship within three business days . If there is a backorder associated with your order , multiple shipments may be necessary. Furniture and other large items ( these items are indicated on the web site) can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. We will keep you notified by email when you order ships. Also you can log into your account and check on the status of your order at any time. The good news is that you only pay for freight once, regardless of the number of shipments.

Q: Shipping / Freight Charges

A: If you are paying for your order with a Purchase Order your freight charges will reflect the contract your school board has negotiated with Scholar’s Choice. Freight charges will be displayed at check out.


Q: Where can I find employment opportunities with Scholar’s Choice?

A: If Career Opportunities are not posted on our website, you may also wish to check job hunting sites or visit your local retail location. Each store has an application form that can be submitted with your resume.


Q: Do you have franchising opportunities available?

Scholar’s Choice is a family owned Canadian Company. As such, all of the retail stores are corporately owned and operated. Please watch our website at for new locations in your area.


Q: How can I check the status of my order?
A: To check the status of an order, you may visit
-- Click MY ACCOUNT at the top right corner to log in.
-- On the DASHBOARD, click the ORDER # you wish to check.
-- If the order has been shipped, there will be a TRACKING number and CARRIER information.


Q: How do I know if my membership is still valid?
A: To check the status of a membership, or update your member information, you may visit

-- Click MY ACCOUNT at the top right corner to log in.
-- Your membership status is listed on the DASHBOARD of your account.
-- To update member information, click ACCOUNT INFORMATION on the left menu.

Q: Is there a way to check the balance of a Gift Card online?
A: To check the balance of a Gift Card, you may visit

-- Click MY ACCOUNT at the top right corner to log in (New Customers will be able to register here).
-- You will be brought to the DASHBOARD of your account.
-- To check gift card balances, click GIFT CARD on the left menu.

Q: How can I find out information about my Membership, Order Status, and Gift Card balance?
A: Visit and click MY ACCOUNT at the top right corner to log in (New Customers will be able to register here). You will be brought to the DASHBOARD of your account where you will see your current membership summary.
-- To check the status of an order, click the ORDER # (under RECENT ORDERS) you wish to check. If the order has been shipped, there will be a TRACKING number and CARRIER information.
-- To check or update member information, click ACCOUNT INFORMATION on the left menu.
-- To check gift card balances, click GIFT CARD on the left menu.


Q: I just purchased my membership. Can I use my membership discount right away?

A: Yes. Customers should see the member discount price drop when they add items into the shopping cart.


Q: I purchased my membership online. Can I use the membership gift certificate in-store?
A: Currently, gift certificates from memberships purchased online can be redeemed at the online checkout only.


Q: I received a promotional email but do not see the discounted prices online. How do I receive my discount?

A: Some of our promotions are in-store only. If the promotion applies to online orders, a code is included in the promotion email. When the customer “proceeds to checkout”, there will be an opportunity to enter the promotion code and receive a discount before submitting payment for the order.


Q: I added items to my cart, but now I do not see them. Why?

A: The shopping cart expires after a set amount of time. Customers can extend the time items remain in their shopping cart by creating a personal account. The item(s) will remain in their personal shopping cart until the customer checks out or chooses to remove the item(s).


Q: I am trying to find some items online that are listed in the catalogue. Why are some of the products showing, but not others?  

A: Some products may be listed in different sections of our website. Customers may wish to navigate through each section: TEACHER, EDUCATIONAL TOYS, CHILDCARE, and SCHOOL sites for the great selection of products we have available!


Q: When I purchase items online, can I request they be shipped to my nearest retail store for pickup?

A: No, web orders cannot be shipped to store locations. However, customers can visit their retail store to place an order & request pick up directly through that location.


Q: Does Scholar’s Choice ship outside of Canada?

A: Yes. Shipping costs vary according to location.


Q: How can I place my order to be shipped outside of Canada?

A: For orders that require shipment outside of Canada, customers can submit their orders via fax (1-800-363-3398) or email (


Q: Can online web orders be processed through a billing account?

A: No. All online web orders require credit card.


Q: When I log into my account to check the status of my order, why does it say “still processing”?

A: If any of the ordered items are not in stock, the shipment will be delayed until the unavailable items are received into the inventory. The order will then be shipped out altogether.


Q: I purchased an Ebook. How do I access it?

A: Customers are sent a confirmation email containing a temporary link to access the Ebook upon purchase. The link is active for a period of 15 days. It is important that customers DOWNLOAD and SAVE the Ebook to a hard drive or USB key. Once the Ebook has been opened, the link will expire immediately.

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