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5 Ways to Get Back into the School Routine After the Holiday Break

The holidays are coming to an end and its almost time for you to head back to work and for your children to get back to school. During the holidays, the regular school day routine has probably been disrupted due to either traveling or just the relaxed schedule of this time of year!

Below are a few tips on how to make the transition back into the school routine after the holiday break!


Don't let the end of the holidays sneak up on you or your child! Remind your child that they will be returning to school soon, and reinforce the positive sides of school such as seeing their friends or learning their favourite subject. Nothing makes it easier to get back into a routine than to prepare for it!

number2Get back into YOUR routine!

Your child uses you as an example! As hard as it may be, getting up at your regular time, getting everyone dressed and ready for the day will make it much easier to get back into your normal routine once the holidays end! If your child has a routine eating schedule try and plan snacks around that time if you won't be eating at the same time!

number3Use a visual calendar!

Losing a routine can be stressful as you feel lost and uneasy. This is how your child feels too! To help ease their anxiety and to maintain the regular habits of the school year routine use a visual calendar! The calendar can include things as simple as bedtimes and meal times, or as elaborate as travel plans or family get-togethers. Having a visual count down in the days leading up can also help reduce back-to-school anxiety and help you to address any fear or worry.

number4A good nights sleep!

It's easy to break the bed time routine and overall sleep schedule during the holidays. This can become especially difficult when visiting or hosting family or any sort of holiday travel. When possible try and keep your child's bed time and wake up time close to the normal times as possible. Some nights this may not be possible but don't allow one slip become the new norm!

number5Vacation memories!

Nobody wants the holidays to end, especially your child! With no school, presents and all sorts of treats who can blame them? Towards the end of the holiday break have them make some artwork, create a drawing, or write a story about their favourite memory of the holidays. Not only will this get your child's brain working again it will also give them something structured to work on. An added benefit is you now have a keepsake to add to their collection!

The end of the holidays doesn't have to be stressful! Remember these useful tips to help you and your child get back into the school routine. Do you have any methods you find helpful getting back into the school routine? Comment below!

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