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Messy Play: Mud, Powder & Paint

A quality messy play environment provides lots of opportunities to explore the senses, experiment, develop physically and provides reasons to work together and communicate. It is also a great way for children to unlock their imaginations, as there are no prescriptive end goals making it an open-ended way to play and learn. As many practitioners know, the word ‘messy’ can ...

Posted by TTS in Teacher, General

100 Ways to Celebrate 100th Day In the Classroom

The 100th Day of School is an exciting celebration of 100 days of learning and also an excellent opportunity to have fun learning about the number 100! There are a lot of fun and different ways children can celebrate the 100th Day of School from the simple to the elaborate. To help you decide which celebration activity would be a good fit ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Teacher


People have been exploring tea's health benefits for 5,000 years. Whether we are seeking mental alertness, protection against disease, or renewal of the spirit, we enjoy tea for many reasons. Research on tea and its health effects is underway in academic institutions and medical settings all over the world and many exciting leads have been uncovered. As more studies begin to ...

Posted by Tea Forte in Grandparent, Parent, Teacher, General

Manipulatives- Catering to a child's unique abilities

Kids have different learning styles and abilities, so it’s important to support their individual needs. Our extensive collection of manipulatives offers you the tools to help reach, teach and delight all children, at whatever stage they may be. We carefully select manipulatives that help kids learn at their own unique pace and while giving them the guidance to reach ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Grandparent, Parent, Teacher, General

Ready, Set, Code!

Say hello to the new Code & Go™ Robot Mouse Activity Set–designed to help kids start learning important skills like coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and more. This innovative set is one of the many Learning Resources STEM products that are created to deliver breakthroughs in understanding and prepare kids for brighter futures. Get Started Pick an activity card ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Grandparent, Parent, Teacher, General

Get Inspired and Get Decorating!

The goals for decorating a classroom are always the same- make the classroom feel warm, friendly and inspiring. These classroom themes are sure to do just that! Get inspired by these awesome classrooms and get the look in your own room! Calling all Super Classrooms Celebrate your “super” class everyday with these bright and cheerful classroom decorations. Give Your Classroom ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Teacher, General

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