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Three Steps to Easy Lunch Packing All Year Long!

1. Make it part of your family's regular school night routine!  I encourage families to make it part of a visual routine (see for an example) then kids can see and know when it is going to happen as part of the evening bedtime routine.   Make mornings stress free by having lunches and school bags packed for tomorrow.  Lunch bags go in the fridge the night before and easily go into the school bag in the morning! Everyone will be glad to have easier mornings!

2. Kids love making their own choices, it gives them a sense of empowerment. So, parents need to create options for their kids, but know that those choices are parent made so the options are always what the parent would hope for! (Wink wink!)  Create a plan to have kids choose their snacks from colour coded bins. I have my kids choose one from the fruit or veggie (green) bin and then they have a choice to choose one each from the red bin and the blue bin.  They can choose two from the blue bin and none from the red bin or one from each but not two from the red bin.  The blue bin has healthier snacks like granola bars, raisins, etc. and the red bin has fruit gummies, fruit roll ups, Halloween candy, etc.  When kids have a choice they take ownership to their lunch and will more likely eat what they have packed.

3. Pack water!  Water is proven to help kids' brains function better, stay alert, and also create healthier bodies.  Have kids pick out a cool water bottle that they can use all year long.  This helps the environment and gives kids the fun of choosing their own bottle!  Plus this will be a very cost effective drink for your kids for the whole school year!


By Elaine Tan Comeau, Mom of Three, Forner School Teacher, Founder of Easy Daysies Ltd., 2014 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year

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