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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Ontario

Ontario is Canada's most populous province and home to it's capital city, Ottawa. Another of the original four provinces that joined the Confederation on July 1st 1867, Ontario's pre-Confederation name was Upper Canada. The name Ontario is believed to come from a Huron word meaning "great lake". Now that we know a little more about Ontario, let's get to the fun ...

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5 Reasons Why Spring Outdoor Play is Important

While the weather might be a little unpredictable this time of year, springtime outdoor play is essential for children. Here are 5 reasons why spring outdoor play is important for your children: Building Your Child's Endurance Think about your own body, and how it begins to change when you go from being active to not for a certain period of time. ...

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Scholar's Choice School Success Fund

Scholar’s Choice decided to set up the School Success Fund in conjunction with My Class Needs with the goal to help elementary classrooms in need to help fund innovative education projects that would otherwise struggle to find funding. We have a great education system in Canada and there are great initiatives that are being implemented but there a lot ...

Posted by Scott Webster in General

Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, like New Brunswick Ontario and Quebec, is one of the original Confederation provinces that formed Canada in 1867. Nova Scotia has a rich cultural connection to Ireland and Scotland, and so its name in Latin means "New Scotland". Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada and also the second most densely populated with most Nova Scotians residing ...

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Earth Day, Any Day: 12 Ways to Celebrate All Year Round

Celebrate Earth Day every day! Although Earth Day festivities usually take place during the week of April 22, why not incorporate small activities on a daily or weekly basis? There are a variety of ways to integrate green initiatives into your classroom and school routines. Simple Steps to Celebrate the Environment Every Day 1. Take your class outside! Kids love to have ...

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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Newfoundland & Labrador

The most easterly province, Newfoundland & Labrador, is the newest province to the Dominion of Canada being incorporated in 1949, before that it was an independent country! Make sure you're pronouncing it properly, as resident Newfoulanders (not Newfies!) pronounce the name NewfoundLAND, rather than NewFOUNDland! Now that you've been introduced to the province let's take a look at some fun facts! Fun ...

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DIY Borax-Free Slime Recipe

  Simple DIY Slime Recipe   Cra-Z-Slime White Glue 100mL OR Cra-Z-Slime Clear Glue 100mL Baking Soda 1/4 tsp. Add more baking soda until you get your desired consistency! The more baking soda the firmer the slime will be.   . . .   Yes, that's it!   Just mix it with a Popsicle or spoon until it begins to stick to itself. Once ...

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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About New Brunswick

New Brunswick, one of three Maritime provinces in Canada, is also one of the original provinces of Canada as it entered into Canadian Confederation on July 1 1867! New Brunswick is the only constitutionally bilingual province of Canada and a third of their population speaking French. Although Fredericton is the capital, Moncton is the largest population centre in the province (and also ...

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