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Symmetrical Drawings

Children have a natural sense of symmetry and balance but activities like this develop that further. Symmetrical activities like this helps children develop their ability to recognize patterns, to classify and their observation skills. All of these skills are used in subjects like math, reading and art. Building on children’s natural abilities with activities like these isn’t a ...

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Shape Fact Books

Just like learning the alphabet or the numbers 1-10, children love learning shapes! These fun and clever math picture books are perfect for teaching basic two-dimensional shapes. They would work great at a math centre! Required Materials for this craft: Scissors Lined or Blank Paper Markers Schools Tools Shapes Cut Outs Hole Punch Brass Fasteners, metal ring, or ribbon Instructions: ...

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Top Baby Shower Gifts of 2017

Baby showers and baby welcoming parties are exciting whether you’re a new parent, grandparent or party guest! With almost 400,000 babies born each year in Canada, it’s likely you’ll be invited to at least a few baby showers in your lifetime and in the age of baby registries, picking out the perfect baby gift should be easy. But ...

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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About The Territories

Canada has 3 different territories: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. The Northwest Territories (NWT) is the oldest of the territories and was ceded to Canada by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1870. Nunavut, the youngest and largest of the territories, was officially separated from the NWT in 1999. Finally, Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of the territories and was also separated from ...

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Tips for Storing and Organizing Centres

As you pack up your classroom, it’s a great time to get organized for the new school year. This blog focuses on one dilemma of classroom organization: how to store centres. Centres take some time to make, but once assembled, self-contained centers are valuable learning tools for years to come! You may be able to enlist willing parents and ...

Posted by Scholar's Choice in General

Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan was separated from the Northwest Territories into its own province in 1905, and is the only province that has completely man-made borders! The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, but its largest city is Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is named after the Saskatchewan River which in Cree means "swift flowing river". Now for some fun facts! Fun Facts About Saskatchewan Saskatoon has more ...

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Mastering the Pencil Grip

While we start to focus on our child's printing skills around kindergarten, the truth is, children need to master a number of fine motor skills before they can ever start to form their first letters. The first check in making sure your child's fine motor skills are developing is to test their pincher grip. Can your one-year-old pick up a ...

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