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Get Crafty: Activities for You and Your Grandchild

We've gathered a list of activities that are not only suitable for you to do with your grandchild but also perfect for you to do to encourage brain fitness.

Untitled design (15) Polymer Clay Whether you make a clay pot for yourself or a castle with your grandchild, clay improves dexterity in fingers and hands. Working with clay also promotes hand eye coordination skills, fine motor skills, creativity and self-expression.

Photography Snapping pictures helps relieve stress, encourages creativity, improves self esteem and allows you to look at objects or places that you may have overlooked otherwise. For a fun task, you should try one of the many photo challenges that can be found online. After finishing a photo challenge, you can share it with your grandchild and encourage them to also participate in one.

210-6821-Faceted-Beads- Beading Working with beads offers limitless opportunities for projects that can be super simple or really complex. You can make crafts that only involve beads as a minor element (like putting some on a card) or you can make an entire project involving beads (like using melty beads to make a picture). Working with beads improves fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and visual perception skills.

16-oz-colorations-washable-finger-paint-glitter-31 Painting Painting has numerous benefits for you and your grandchild. In addition to being a relaxing activity, painting increases self esteem, enhances creativity, exercises fine motor control, and improves concentration.

My-Garden-Stained-Glass-Frames-24-138-52089 Stained Glass Similar to painting, doing a stained glass project is not only relaxing but also allows you to express yourself. Working on a stain glass project is known to lower stress, boost self esteem, stimulate brain connections to hand movements, and improve mental health.

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