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Zzz's Please!: 5 Fundamentals to Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight (Part 2)

Did you catch Part 1 of "Zzz's Please!: 5 Fundamentals to Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight"?

Read the first 3 wonderful tips and then move on to these final fabulous pointers!

4. Get Rid of Sleep Props

If a baby needs a soother to be replaced or an older child needs a glass of water each night, then they are sleep prop baby-2dependent. Since falling asleep unassisted is a learned skill, parents need to remove the prop so their child can learn to fall asleep without mom and dad’s help each time.

5. Be Consistent

When parents are ready to make changes to their child’s sleep habits, they should follow the above tips and do so consistently. Poor sleep habits aren’t created overnight; likewise, parents shouldn’t expect to see improvements until after several days of a new routine. There will be bumps in the road, but if they implement these strategies, they will start to develop healthy sleep habits in their children.

Baby Bonus! (Note from Editor):

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