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Zzz's Please!: 5 Fundamentals to Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight (Part 1)

Parents, are you tired of being tired due to your children’s poor sleep habits?    baby

Take heart, there’s hope this year!

The following advice is meant for you to start 2014 off right:

1. Implement and Maintain a Regular Routine

Often the holidays throw our children's sleep off track, but once you're home and settled, it's important to have a consistent routine established.

Babies, toddlers and children alike thrive on consistency. They appreciate knowing what’s coming next and when they do, negative behavior such as bedtime resistance and tantrums are minimized.

2. Watch for Subtle Sleepy Cues

One of the best tools parents have is to recognize when their children are just starting to become tired. Often, parents mistakenly wait until their child is yawning profusely before they put them down to sleep, but by that time, they are already passing from being drowsy to overtired. When children are overtired, they don’t nap as well (if still napping), resist bedtime more and are more likely to wake at night. Instead of waiting to see yawns, parents should watch for much subtler cues such as quieting down, staring into space, turning away from toys or people and becoming less vocal or active.

3. Keep Bedtime Early

Early bedtimes are a great way to help children stay well-rested. It doesn’t matter if you have an infant, toddler or school-aged child; early bedtimes benefit all. Children five and younger should be asleep between 6-8pm, but if they’re overtired, bedtime should be even earlier for a few weeks.

Stay tuned, more super sleep tips to come! 

To Be Continued...

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