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Why You Should Ditch The Ties and Buy Dad a Toy For Father’s Day Instead

You only have to read a few of the headlines from the hundreds of articles and blog posts written about Millennial Dads to know the role of fatherhood is changing and has been for quite some time. Overwhelmingly, dads today are more involved in their children’s lives and spend more time caring for their children’s day-to-day needs than ever before. The benefits of “the new dad” are being researched and understood more every day. But one thing that remains consistent from past generations is the agreement on playing with Dad, Grandpa, a special Uncle or other involved male role model, helps children (even babies and toddlers) develop the skills needed to navigate the world as a child and as an adult. When dads interact with their children, it is often unstructured and based on play. Playtime with dads can teach kids so many things, including:

Language Development

Face-to-face time with dad, can improve kids’ speech and language and develop their ability to connect with others in a positive way. Talking through the rules of a game, listening to dad explain how to hold a hockey stick or even general conversation over piecing together a puzzle, all have a positive impact on kids’ verbal skills.

Finished puzzle of a family playing hockey on a frozen pond

Taking Risks

Learning to take risks is an important part of growing up. Assessing risk, taking a risk and even dealing with the rewards and repercussions of risk are often learned through playing with dad – even if that risk is as simple as trying something new or discovering surroundings in a different way. With dad by their side, kids will often find the confidence to try the big slide on their own, catapult something into the air or simply say hi to someone new at their first soccer practice.

Brain Power

Playtime with dad often involves tactile activities like building and putting things together. These types of activities put kids’ brains and imaginations to work, fostering their ability to solve problems, develop basic math skills, improve fine motor skills and provide an overall benefit to their cognitive development.

Young boy using straws and connectors to make a rocketship


Life is unpredictable and one way parents can teach children the pros and cons of unpredictability is through play. Having a race and not knowing who the winner will be or ditching the instructions before putting a new toy together helps young children learn how to cope with stress, regulate their feelings and behaviour, manage their impulsiveness and even fosters a sense of independence. With so many benefits of playtime with dad, why not give the gift of play this Father’s Day? Here’s our list of top toys for Dads, Grandpas and those you want to celebrate:

  1. Marble Race Deluxe: Build your own marble run and race to see which marble rolls fastest. Then try to figure out why and improve your runs.
  2. Straws and Connectors: Put your imagination to work and create houses, spaceships, forts and more!
  3. MagSnaps: Mastering geometry has never been so much fun thanks to these colourful light-up magnets that snap together into endless creations.
  4. Pathfinders Wooden Catapult: Based on Leonardo’s sketches from the 1480’s, this wooden catapult built by you will have you searching through the house for the best things to fling through the air.
  5. Next Goal Wins Family Puzzle: Make playtime puzzle time and cherish the moments spent working together towards a common goal and the conversations had while doing it.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Scholar’s Choice!

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