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Top Baby Shower Gifts of 2017

A baby chewing on an alphabet block

Baby showers and baby welcoming parties are exciting whether you’re a new parent, grandparent or party guest! With almost 400,000 babies born each year in Canada, it’s likely you’ll be invited to at least a few baby showers in your lifetime and in the age of baby registries, picking out the perfect baby gift should be easy. But in many cases, even the most perfectly planned registry can leave gift buyers a bit bored at the idea of buying yet another package of face cloths instead of something unique. You might even find yourself wondering where is all the fun stuff? Of course, babies need a long list of essentials, but sleeping, cooing newborns grow fast into busy babies looking for new things to engage with.

At Scholar’s Choice, we believe that learning begins at birth and are experts in helping you find the best toys to keep baby entertained and developing key learning skills during their most formative months of life. After all, we’ve been supplying Canada’s top daycares with play-based learning toys for 70 years. The daycares trust us as baby learning experts and you can too!

Whether it’s the newest toy, a book you loved growing up or something homemade just by you, our experts have put together this list of Top Baby Shower Gifts of 2017 to suit every budget and gifting style.

Foster Their Love of Reading

Books are one of our favourite baby shower gifts because it’s never too early to start reading to children. Yes, even to newborns! Some of our favourite books to gift are Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Very Hungry Caterpiller and Lift the Flap First 100 Words. Don’t forget to write “To” and “From” in the front cover of each of the books and maybe even a special note for baby or a favourite quote from the book.

Baby dressed as a snail sleeping in a small bed

The Gift of Sleep

Studies suggest the scent of lavender can help you fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep longer. The same is true for babies. The Slumber Belly Aromatherapy for Babies is a cute, cuddly and machine washable bunny named Sammy. Before bedtime, parents add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a pouch, insert into Sammy’s belly and place Sammy in bed with their baby. All through the night, Slumber Belly Sammy provides comforting and calming scents to baby, helping them sleep. More sleep for baby means more sleep for new parents and that’s a win for everyone!

Make Saying Thank You Easy Peasy

New parents send a ton of thank you cards. Fill a pretty basket with a selection of cute thank you cards and fun felt-tipped pens in different colours. Feel free to include a few non-baby themed thank you cards and post-it notes to help new parents keep track of the cards they’d like to send.

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Within the first weeks and months of life, newborns transition through many developmental stages. Simple and colourful toys, like the Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Set play a crucial role in these early stages of development by providing the stimulation needed to support baby’s growth. These colourful little bugs crinkle and rattle with baby’s movements and help baby discover colour, sounds and their fingers and toes.

Who Do You Look Like?

This from-the-heart gift takes a little planning, but the effort will be well worth it when you see the look of surprise (and sometimes tears of happiness) on the new parents’ faces when they flip the pages of their “Who Do You Look Like Baby Book”. Simply connect with family and have them send you a picture of themselves as a baby and a picture of themselves now. You can also ask them to send a note for baby too. Then pick-up a scrapbook from your local craft store (one that can fit into tiny hands with plastic page protectors is best) and assemble. Some ideas for notes from family include something fun they hope to do with or teach baby, favourite memories of baby’s parents growing up or something they liked to do as a child (maybe baby will like that too?). Don’t forget to leave a page where parents can include a picture of the new baby for comparison with the rest of the family’s photos. This gift can also be adapted for adoptive families as a “meet your family” book.

Parents holding a small pair of baby shoes

Old School with a New Twist

For parents, one of the best parts of these wood Colourful Baby Cubes by Manhattan Toy is they are strung together by an elastic cord so they won’t be lost easily. Because babies experience everything through their senses, especially touch, these cubes help develop their ability to grasp and reach. Also, since everything baby touches inevitably ends up in their mouth, these non-toxic wood cubes with rounded edges are the perfect sensory teether.

For the Social(media)ite

Milestone Blanket Sets by lulujo are unique, fun and perfect for new parents who can’t wait to share monthly photos of their new baby on social media. Included with the blanket are a set of cards from 1-week to 1-year old which make for Instagram-worthy shots all while keeping track of baby’s growth and milestones like rolling, sitting up, smiling and more!

The Secret Ingredient is Love

Made-with-love-meals that can be easily frozen are ideal for overtired and busy new parents. A quick search through Pinterest and you’ll find top freezer meals that can be packaged in family dinner-sized portions and individual portions for lunches. A few dozen frozen cookies are a great treat for midnight feedings too! Just make sure to label everything and include re-heating instructions.

Hit the Gym

The Oball Play-O-Lot Activity Gym is made for playtime and helping baby develop both gross and fine motor skills. This toy has it all: a soft prop pillow for support during tummy time, an adorable lion toy with blinking lights and baby-friendly music, a baby-safe mirror and plenty of colourful toys for baby to grab and engage with.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Entertain and comfort baby with the Peek-A-Zoo Rocker. The seat can be set to rock back and forth or placed in a stabilized position. When needed, it offers soothing vibrations to help keep babies calm and relaxed. Newborns fall fast asleep in this rocker and older babies and toddlers love to play with the colourful zoo toys in a seat made just for them.

Made By You

For generations, parents have been keeping track of their children’s height on walls and doorframes. Kids love to look back and see how much they’ve gown and how fast. If you’re a little crafty and the new parents love rustic charm décor, a DIY Wood Growth Ladder makes a unique and personalized baby gift. Don’t forget to sign the back of your creation and write a special note to baby.

A wooden growth chart for children

Looking for more toys for babies and toddlers? Check out more expert recommended top toys!

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