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The Joy Of Calico Critters

Calico Critters are cute and cuddly miniature animals who inhabit the timeless world of Cloverleaf Corners. But did you that Calico Critters can play an essential role in the development of your children? Through classic imaginative play, Calico Critters are designed to inspire a combination of real-life situations and fantasy adventures and are important for the development of cognitive, social emotional and motor skills in children ages 3 to 8 years old.

Cognitive skills are developed with these adorable critters as children learn about logical sequences of events, recreate their real life experiences at home, school, in their interactions with their friends or in the community.

Children can also develop and/or exercise important social skills through the critters. Cooperation is taught and grows as children are encouraged to work together with one another to decorate a home or run the school. They also learn sharing and taking turns and role-play. Children can play out the role of a mother, son or daughter, baby, father, teacher, grocer, in addition to a multitude of different animals. Through cooperative play, children also develop emotional skills such as conflict resolution and self-control.

Finally, Calico Critters are a great way to develop strong motor skills. They can enhance physical coordination and sharpen the senses. Imaginative play with Calico Critters improves fine motor skills by encouraging hand-eye coordination, as well as visual and tactile senses.

Join in the fun with the many adorable families and their life-like furniture and accessories.  Act out all your dreams and let your imagination take you away to the land of Calico Critters.

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