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The Backyard Observer

Exploring the backyard is a never-ending adventure. From digging in the dirt to watching the flowers grow to collecting bugs there is always something to engage little minds. Adding some bug viewers and magnifying glasses to the mix can provide hours of educational fun and can take your child into a world they have never experienced. In exploring their environment your children will become more comfortable with their surrounding and will gain a new-found respect for nature and the local ecosystem.

Some children love to capture bugs, so why not take it one step further to learn what bugs eat, about body types and how they move. Looking online or in a book will complement their knowledge of the insects they find outside. Have them write what they have discovered and learned in a journal or write a story about their bug. Younger children will enjoy doing a craft of their bug so even when their bug is released they will still have their masterpiece for a keepsake. This is truly a project that could go all season long.

When the sun begins the drop and the moon comes out it’s time to look up at the stars. Refer to a book or online for constellations that you want to find. If you really want to get a close up look then it may be time to invest in a telescope. A telescope is a big kid’s toy that will last in your family for years and will encourage nighttime viewings that will become a family tradition. A learning opportunity like this that is enjoyable for everyone is not something to miss out on. Have your child pick out their favourite constellation and then recreate on their ceiling with glow in the dark stars. Grab a notebook and have your child draw the different constellations they find. Writing a story about the constellation is a great way to add some language skills to a star gazing activity. At the end of the summer they will have quite a compilation of constellations and stories.

From digging in the dirt to picking up bugs to viewing the stars there are many experiences to be had by being a backyard observer. These are some powerful learning opportunities that your children can have lots of fun with while being outdoors.

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