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Teaching on Home Turf: 10 Signs You Are Going to Self-Educate Your Kids (Part 2)


Did you check out Part 1 of Teaching on Home Turf: 10 Signs You Are Going to Self-Educate Your Kids?

Read up on the first 5 signs and then move on to these final 5!

6)     You are unhappy with the current state of the school system.

Maybe you know your child will require some extra support and your school system is cutting back on teacher aide feb-13-p2positions. Maybe the size of the classroom is worrying to you. Maybe you aren’t happy with what happens in the schoolyard. All of these are good reasons; you just need to listen to your instincts. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, and there are exceptional schools with exceptional teachers out there, for sure. Pay attention to what’s happening at your local schools in order to make the most informed decision you can.

7)     Your child has been a victim of bullying and you were unhappy with how it was dealt with.

Wanting to keep your child safe is the most profound parenting emotion there is. If you’ve witnessed your child being bullied you know how heart breaking it can be  and how difficult it can be to get the support and help you need. If you are concerned about this, listen to your heart and keep your kid at home.

8)     You want your child to learn and study the things they are passionate about and chose their own path for their life.

Child-led learning is very popular and generally produces highly productive, informed, committed and dedicated adults, who possess their own mind and follow their passion. Check out this great TedX talk for more about how following your passion can lead to outrageous happiness:

9)     You want them to be more than someone else’s “employee”.

Sure we all need employees in this world, but we also need leaders.

Generally, homeschooling offers an opportunity for kids to learn about money and business in ways that aren't always addressed in school. Check out this article for a list of 10 Successful Homeschooled People:

10)    You enjoy spending lots of time exploring and learning WITH your kids and are hesitant about passing  it off to have someone else do.

This is something I find in a lot of homeschooling families. Homeschooling parents tend to have a mindset that sees themselves being the primary influential role in their child’s life, they want to be a part of the education process. They also see the value for their child in staying close to their family. It’s a way of thinking and seeing things that is slightly different than the norm.

So, there are 10 ways to tell you might homeschool your child. I’m sure there are hundreds more and just a few moments of conversation with some friends showed me the diversity of reasons why people chose this path.While some final choices may appear to be the same, none really are. Each parent has a personal story to tell that shares why they chose to homeschool.

All that really matters is that you homeschool IF it’s the best choice for your child, you and your family.


What signs proved to you that homeschooling your child was the right decision? Let us know below! 

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