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Teaching on Home Turf: 10 Signs You Are Going to Self-Educate Your Kids (Part 1)

Deciding to homeschool your kids is a very personal and yet often publicly judged decision. Most people who chose to feb-13-p1homeschool do not do so lightly or without hours of research and soul-searching. They really are looking to make the best decision possible for their child and won’t take that lightly.

So for your consideration, I’ve compiled 10 of the signs that you might want to homeschool your kids!

1)    You prefer math in the kitchen (ex. cooking and baking) over math in a workbook.

My daughter has always been an experiential learner. Tell her about it and she forgets, have her read about it and she’ll remember if it interests her, but have her DO it and she’ll have that knowledge forever. I don’t think she is the only child like that. Math in the kitchen is not only diverse and valuable, it’s delicious, and they learn a second useful skill at the same time.

This article has great information on the math that can be learned in the kitchen:

2)     Your child plays with kids of all ages in the playground, and you want it to stay that way.

You know that your child playing with kids of all ages brings with it a different level of social skill for their future. Let’s face it, the school years are really the only time that people spend 6 hours a day with other people in the same age group as them. Once we get to work, we are working with people of all ages. Even college and university isn’t as age segregated as the first 1 – 12 years of education. Embracing that learning is good for your kids.

3)     Your child is still learning positive “friendship” techniques and you want to give him/her the time to learn them on his/her own.

We all know every kid develops at different stages, but the belief that we have to direct that growth through focused exposure to controlled situations might not be the only approach. Letting your kids develop at their own speed is not only respectful but also honors their individual journey.

4)     Your child has a hard time sitting still and you’d rather they learn on the move, rather than try to force them to sit still.

Many kids at a young age are active! They love to move and run and jump. And the effort of sitting still can be monumental for some. Putting them in a situation where they “have to” isn’t going to help them learn necessarily (although it might help them to learn what behaviors are expected in that setting) and for a child who learns differently than others, this can also be a huge blow to their self esteem. Letting your child learn while they run, bounce, climb and jump has been shown to help lock the learning into their brain.

5)     You’ve often resisted the “conventional” choices.

Maybe you’ve walked off the beaten path on other big choices in your life. Whether you have or not, your choice to homeschool can make you feel a bit insecure, but have no fear, there are heaps of great community supports out there. Google 'homeschooling support' in your city or province and just see all the options! If you are lucky enough to live in BC, you also get support from the government in terms of funding to support your child’s home-learning, depending on your choices.

To Be Continued...

Stay tuned for the final 5 signs that you may end up homeschooling your child!

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