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Make sure to check out the Socialization Education Part 1 intro, and then proceed to this comprehensive checklist of important social skills!

Social Skills Checklist

A person with good socialization skills...

  • Greets people with a "Hello," and a handshake.
  • Asks how people are and listens to the response.
  • Can start a conversation by noticing a detail.
  • Maintains eye contact.
  • Smiles and nods while listening.
  • Respects other people's personal space. (FYI! In North America, it's a peripheral of 18 inches around a person.)
  • Ask questions, listens and responds after listening.
  • Gives opinions that are generally positive and upbeat.
  • Doesn’t criticize excessively and never criticizes other people.
  • Doesn’t talk about other people negatively.
  • Discusses ideas, opinions and own anecdotes rather than other people.
  • Talks for 15 seconds and then listens while the other person takes a turn to talk for about 15 seconds.
  • Doesn’t talk too much about themselves.
  • Doesn't share too little about themselves so the other person in the conversation has nothing to ask them about.
  • Visibly shows an interest in the other person.
  • Is not distracted from a conversation by cellphone, other electronic devices or other people walking by.
  • Doesn’t interrupt conversations.
  • Can wait and determine the proper moment to interject into the conversation with own insights.
  • Can interpret visual and auditory clues to people’s moods, such as expressions, voice tone, and gestures.
  • If exceptionally skilled, can articulate the other's people's feelings with empathy to encourage the other person to share.
  • Gives encouragement and empathy when others talk about their woes.
  • Can exit a conversation by saying "Thank you, it was nice to speak with you," and "Goodbye."
  • Uses "Please", "May I", and "Thank you" as well as "I'm very sorry".


And the list goes on! Stay tuned for Part Three to access the next half of this great social skills checklist!

To Be Continued...

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