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 Continued...and completed!

Make sure to check out the Socialization Education Part 1 intro, and the first half of the great social skills checklist in Socialization Education Part 2, then proceed to the final portion of the checklist below!

A person with good socialization skills…

  • Asks permission to use other’s belongings.
  • Articulates when not sure about a situation to seek other people's guidance.
  • Knows what constitutes private/restricted behaviour and public behaviour such as swearing, picking nose, and letting out gas.
  • Knows when it is appropriate to not speak.
  • Politely and respectfully uses statements beginning with "I think...", "I feel...", "I would like...", "I am disappointed...", to assert ones' needs.
  • Initiates and co-operates with problem-solving for win-win solutions when there is a difference of opinion or plans.
  • Knows their own limitations and is comfortable saying "No, thank you", to requests.
  • Shares, take turns, and offers help to people in need.
  • Knows the different levels of conversation and which is appropriate for different audiences and situations.  For example, level one is for making small talk with strangers, level two is sharing facts with acquaintances, level three is sharing beliefs and opinions with friends and lastly, level four, is sharing feelings with family and intimate friends.
  • Is not feeling lonely in solitude.
  • Knows when they want to be alone and when they want to be with other people.
  • Queues in public line-ups and does not let joining friends into their space in line.
  • Can find common ground for conversation with people of different ages, cultures, religions, uniforms, genders and social status (bosses, police etc).

It's important to remember that most of these skills are learned in the school-aged, teen and emerging adult years.  It takes a lot of practice but will come with time!



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