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Shape Fact Books

Just like learning the alphabet or the numbers 1-10, children love learning shapes! These fun and clever math picture books are perfect for teaching basic two-dimensional shapes. They would work great at a math centre!

Required Materials for this craft:

  1. Scissors
  2. Lined or Blank Paper
  3. Markers
  4. Schools Tools Shapes Cut Outs
  5. Hole Punch
  6. Brass Fasteners, metal ring, or ribbon


  1. Choose a shape accent.
  2. Tracing a Carson Dellosa hexagon cut out
  3. Trace the shape on paper, three times, and cut out.
  4. Shape facts written on the cutouts
  5. Write two facts about a shape, each on a sheet of paper. On the final sheet of paper, write the name of the shape.
  6. Hexagon shapes cut out with holes punched in a corner
  7. Hole punch the corner of the booklet you have made.
  8. Paper hexagons with shape facts fastened to Carson Dellosa Shape Cut Outs
  9. Use brass fasteners, metal ring or ribbon to bind the booklet together.

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