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Reach for the Gold Stars: 5 Tips for Rewarding Your Child Effectively

Use It Before You Lose It

As parents we tend to bring out the reinforcers when all else fails.trophy Introduce reward charts to your children to encourage good behaviour before there is an issue.

Focus On the Positive 

Reward charts are used to encourage good behaviour.  If you want your child to stop hitting, reward gentle touching.  The focus must be on the behaviour you want to see. Take a moment and take stock of your families values and beliefs, then decide what you would like to teach your children. Reinforce this behaviour when you see it happening.

One Way Street 

Stars, tokens, or checkmarks can be given when positive behaviour occurs, but do not take these away when the child does something inappropriate.  Reward charts are meant to be rewarding.  Other strategies can be used to discipline negative behaviour.

Timing is Everything

The timing of doling out stars and tokens should be in short approximations for younger children. Initially, allow children to earn their rewards over an hour and slowly move up to half a day or even an entire day.  Older children are more capable of delayed gratification and could work for rewards over a couple of consecutive days.

Motivating Reward

Keep the reward novel and make sure your child is motivated by it.  Your child will not respond to a Barbie DVD if she is allowed to watch it throughout the day or doesn’t even like Barbie.  Take this as a time to become curious about what motivates your child!

What are the unique and motivating ways you reward your child or students? Share below!

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