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The Benefits of Rewarding Your Students

Rewarding your students will reinforce a good work ethic. It helps the students to stay on track and work hard to achieve their goals. Here are some ways you can reward your students on completed goals. Whole Class Rewards Whole class rewards can be a great incentive for good work and appropriate behaviour. It can also help students learn teamwork ...

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Canadian Prime Minister Lesson Plan

Canada Day is approaching quickly with 2017 being a special: Canada's 150th birthday! Since becoming a country on July 1st, 1867, Canada has had many different Prime Minister's who have lead this country to where it is today. If you're looking fo a Canada-themed lesson plan look no further than this jJustin Trudeau Lesson Plan, perfect for teaching your student's about our ...

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Tips for Your Outdoor Classroom

The schoolyard or your center's outdoor space provide a learning environment outside the classroom that can be used for interdisciplinary; curriculum-based; hands-on; inexpensive; inclusive of all learning styles inquiry- based learning.   Imagine... One class watches birds using a nest box they constructed, taking notes on their adaptations for flight and feeding. Another class learns about plant reproduction by examining ...

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Crafty Learning: Developmental Benefits of Craft Kits for Children

Craft kits are a great activity to keep children busy, a great indoor activity on rainy or snowy days, a fun present for a birthday party AND they are fantastic for promoting child development in the following areas: Cognitive Skills Social Skills Motor Skills Visual Discrimination Skills Cognitive Skills Strategy and Problem Solving - Children engage and strengthen their cognitive ...

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Family Road Trip Essentials

You're planning a vacation with your family and already dreading the car ride. While we can't guarantee your child will avoid asking you "are we there yet?", we can give you suggestions to make it asked less frequently and to make your car ride a bit more bearable. Single Player Travel Games When you are considering games for the car, ...

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A Sincere Apology

At Scholar’s Choice, we challenge ourselves to find the best toys, tools and resources to help make learning fun. Be it at home, or in the classroom, we are always looking for ways to engage young minds. Canada150 is an exciting theme for this year. We are proud to be a Canadian owned and operated retail store. We are ...

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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Ontario

Ontario is Canada's most populous province and home to it's capital city, Ottawa. Another of the original four provinces that joined the Confederation on July 1st 1867, Ontario's pre-Confederation name was Upper Canada. The name Ontario is believed to come from a Huron word meaning "great lake". Now that we know a little more about Ontario, let's get to the fun ...

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