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Schleich Writing Prompt

Use the Schleich coloring page as a writing prompt. This is a great extension for older children to get them writing. Works on creativity and imagination, as well as speech and language skills. Have children collaborate to write a story for added social skill development. What You Will Need: Schleich Colouring Page Writing Utensils Lined paper (optional)

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Childcare, Grandparent, Parent, General

4 Ways Your Can Help Make Your Grandbaby Smarter

Give your favourite kids a head start with these smart strategies to put him or her on a path to success! 1.  Use Your Words.  Language skills are critical to your grandchild's cognitive growth, and since most brain development occurs before age three, it pays to nurture communication skills as early as possible. Research shows the more words little ears hear, ...

Posted by Scholar's Choice in Grandparent, General

Welcome the Fairies

Have you been noticing lately that your child seems lonely or uninterested in sharing about their day? Perhaps they are having a hard time sleeping through the night, adjusting to new changes, or handling bullies. Sometime's children are hesitant to tell their parent's exactly what's wrong. That is why it's a perfect time to introduce your child to the imaginative ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Childcare, Parent, General

A Guide to Bath Toys

Rub a dub, fun in the tub! We wanted to make it easy for our families when it comes to selecting the right bath toys. It's time to have some good, clean fun. FLOAT ALONG TUG BOAT by Playgo No Landlubbers Allowed. Plastic-ware in the tub is all well and good until it comes time to pack up that leftover ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Grandparent, Parent, General

eBooks: Valuable Classroom Companions

Allowing a student to be on an electronic device while teaching in the classroom seems like a bad idea. You can’t however, ignore the fact that mobile devices are flourishing lately. With the introduction of iPads into some classrooms, we highlight that in addition to allowing children to play on apps, tablets also make way for eBook capability. Using ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Teacher, General

Move to Music

  Why is music so vital to children? Children are programmed to move. As infants, rocking and hugging children soothes them, and teaches them about the rhythm. Music appeals to children, and helps them develop in myriad areas. By encouraging your child to sing, dance, move and create music, you will help him develop in a wide variety of areas. ...

Posted by The Manhattan Toy Company in Grandparent, Parent, General

4 Ways the Winkel Builds Wonder

Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months when they are just starting to develop fine motor skills. This is also when eyesight matures enough to track interesting objects, which is why infants often put objects with contrasted patterns or bright colors in their mouths. This new sense of wonder is what makes the Winkel™ a winner across ...

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Grandparent, Parent, General

Manipulative-Based Activities That Engage Young Readers

Activity 1: Early Literacy & Phonemic Awareness Segmenting Words into Phonemes | Grades K - 1 A strong ability to orally segment whole words into individual sounds (or phonemes) helps children later on when they begin to decode words in text. Try It! Alphabet Center Pocket Chart Using picture cards in a pocket chart as prompts, children in a literacy center recite the ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Teacher, General

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