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Meet & Greet Manners: 6 Steps to Ease Your Child Into Introductions


The introduction is the first step in making friends. Yes, it can be awkward and most people (even adults!) are uneasy and apprehensive when they are meeting others for the first time.6-Steps-to-Ease-Your-Child-Into-Introductions

We want our children to be well-perceived and have plenty of friends, so it is very important that we do not fall short when it comes to instructing them on how to apply this valuable tool. It does not come naturally for most, so many need to be taught the proper way of introducing themselves and the correct way to introduce their friends to Mom and Dad. Also, it is vital that they are trained on what to do when they are being introduced to others. Self Introduction

This equates to self confidence, the two are inseparable.

Imagine, if you will, your children from a very early age having the courage and confidence to approach other kids in the playground with, “Hi my name is Jason. Would you like to play with me?" Just this simple gesture can make a huge difference in, not one, but two children’s lives.

This skill can be taught by encouraging them to go over and ask another child if he/she would like to play. Instruct them on how to approach with a smile, because it gives a good impression and makes the other person feel comfortable and at ease. Once the other child accepts their invitation to play, they should then ask them their name.

After a few times, they will gain the confidence to venture over without you prompting them.

Introducing Mom and Dad

As your children get older, they should be taught the importance of introducing their friends to Mom and Dad. This will avoid those awkward situations of having strange children milling around your house.  Plus it is a great way for you to get to know who your children are spending time with.  Knowing who their friends are can make the difference in who they grow up to be. Teaching your children this exercise is not only good for them but for their friends as well.

Your children should introduce their friends to you by saying, "Mom, this is my friend Trent." You should reply, "It's a pleasure to meet you Trent, you may call me Mrs. Peach."  Far too many adults make the mistake of allowing children to address them by their first name.  Your children do not call you by your first name so neither should their friends.  Instruct them to call you Mrs Peach or Mrs P. Those should be the only options. When your children have new friends over and forget to introduce them – simply prompt them by saying, "Jason I do not believe I’ve met your friend" – eventually Jason will get the message. Being Introduced

It is so important that you teach your children the key points to follow when being introduced to someone.

Stand, Smile, Make Eye Contact, and Listen Carefully…

Standing shows honour and respect to the person you are being introduced to, and smiling will make them feel at ease and comfortable.  This is what etiquette and manners are all about, making people feel welcome, comfortable and at ease in any situation.

The ability to make good eye contact is one of the social skills a lot of us seem to struggle with. When you make eye contact it establishes trust, it makes the person you are being introduced to feel as if you are paying attention to them, plus it will better help you to remember their name.  Listen carefully to their name, repeat it in your mind at least three times.  This exercise will help you to remember it and make you able to repeat it back to them.  Think how impressed they will be that you remembered their name. Handshake…

Boys and girls should be taught how to execute a proper handshake. Children who step forward with confidence and offer a firm handshake, present an image of confidence and sophistication.  Eye contact should be maintained for the duration of the handshake. The hand shake should be firm, not limp or bone crushing. Respond…

It is at this point that the one who is being introduced, will respond with a strong clear voice and a pleasant comment such as, “It is nice to meet you Mr. Jones ” or "I’m happy to meet you Mr. Jones". This should all happen while making eye contact and shaking hands.

You can make up a little game where the whole family can get involved.  Mom and Dad can take turns introducing their children to each other. It is so important to encourage them when they are struggling and praise them when they remember. Share your joy as they improve.

Teaching your children the art of the introduction is a must and the more they practice, the more proficient they will become at it. Introduction Game: Here's a fun quiz to try with your child that will help them naturally absorb the proper introduction protocol.

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                         

a) Lay down on the floor b) Remain sitting on the couch watching  TV c) Stand up straight and tall

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                           

a) Look grumpy b) Stick out your tongue c) Give a big smile

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                            

a) Look at the ceiling b) Start singing the song you hear on the radio c) Pay attention and listen carefully for their name

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                              

a) Stick your finger in your ear b) Wave to a friend out the window c) Shake the person's hand

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                    

a) Squeeze their hand until tears come to their eyes b) Give them a limp hand shake c) Give them a nice firm friendly hand shake

When you are being introduced to someone do you:                                                                                                   

a) Tell them they have funny eyes b) Comment on how tall or short they are c) Tell them how nice it is to meet them

If your child answered a) and b) for any of the questions, gently correct them by testing out that answer verbally, through mock introduction. If your child answered with c) each time, commend them on understanding the steps to introductions. Give them the title of "Introduction Expert"!

Parents and teachers, do you have any additional tips and tricks that you've found effective in teaching your children introductions? Share them below! 


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