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Knowledge for Newbies: 5 Simple Insights for Fresh Parents (Part 2)


Have you read Part 1 of "Knowledge for Newbies: 5 Simple Insights for Fresh Parents"?

Here are the final few tips to help make the path a little more clear for you as you start your new job!

Let's Recap

Becoming a new parent is one of the most life-altering events you will ever experience, and requires a huge amount of learning, surrendering, exploring, growing andbaby2 discovering.  It is like starting a new job without any training or manual to learn from. All the other employees have been around forever and seem to think it is their sole purpose in life to tell you how to do your work but none of them are staying after hours to help you get the project done. Parenting can feel lonely and overwhelming, yet once you find your way it can be the most amazing journey ever traveled.

Have Fun!

"Have fun?! When you are knee deep in puke and poop?" you say. One of the best ways to laugh about your new experiences is to call another parent friend that you trust and share your story, keep a journal or videotape the chaos.  It might not seem or look funny in the moment but it will become funny days or even weeks later… it might even take years. The point is to not take yourself too seriously.  Children have survived for centuries with much less. According to Judith Warner (of Perfect Madness) we are the most educated mothers to date. Remind yourself of that the next time things seem totally out of control.

The Love Affair Evolves

As you get into a routine (however chaotic of routine this might seem---especially for all of you type A's!) and you get a handle on feeding, sleeping, showering and beginning to distinguish day from night, you will start to have time to see, feel, smell, hold, play and laugh with your baby.  This is when the love affair begins. Don't worry that you are just not feeling it at the word "go".  These things take time. Love evolves and grows.  Infatuation exists in a moment and this is true even for your newborn baby.

Happy Parenting!

Do you have questions or comments as a new parent? Feel free to comment below or visit

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