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Hot Weather Wisdom: How to Have A Blast This Summer On A Budget-Part 2

Loved Part 1 of "Hot Weather Wisdom: How To Have A Blast This Summer On A Budget"? Here comes Part 2!pool-2

If you ask a child to sit down and write a bucket list for what they want to do this summer, odds are you’ll see a lot of things that are either impossible or too expensive.

If you’re absolutely stumped on what to do for your children this summer, check out some of these ideas:

There is plenty more outdoor fun you can have for less!


Let your children make a bird feeder out of an ice cream cone covered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed. They can find the ideal place to hang their bird feeders.

Give them (almost) full control of the kitchen for the day. Let them help cook breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.

Have a water party. Turn your backyard into a water park. Set up different stations in the back yard for your children to spend time at, like a wet plastic tarp to use like a Slip-n-Slide, a station of water guns and balloons or a station with water bucket relays.



If you have a pool that kids can swim at, let them spell with their pool toys. With a permanent marker, write letters on their diving sticks or sponges (depending on whether they can swim underwater or not). Let them collect 7-8 sticks, then see how many words they can spell with the letters they found.

Take a scavenger hunt through nature. Walk through your neighborhood or a localblogoil walking trail and have your children search for specific items on a list, such as a pinecone, squirrel, yellow flower or a paw print.

Allow a slumber party in a room that isn’t used for sleeping. Set up tents with old sheets that are lying around in your hall closets. Let them stay up later than usual watching old movies or cartoons.

Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are always a go-to material for the summer and you can always find them at your local dollar store!

Have fun this summer while being safe and money-smart!

Do you have more awesome and affordable ideas for summer fun? Share your thoughts in the comment space below!

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