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Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan was separated from the Northwest Territories into its own province in 1905, and is the only province that has completely man-made borders! The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, but its largest city is Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is named after the Saskatchewan River which in Cree means "swift flowing river".

Now for some fun facts!

Fun Facts About Saskatchewan

  • Saskatoon has more Tim Horton's per capita than any other city in Canada. You can't get much more Canadian than that!
  • There are more roads in Saskatchewan than in any other Canadian province. So much so that if lined up, Saskatchewan roads could circle the equator 4 times!
  • The city of Lloydminster is shared by Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Main street border of Llyodminster between Alberta and Saskatchewan

  • Regina is home to the world's longest bridge over the shortest span of water. The Albert Memorial Bridge built in 1903 is 850 feet long and spans Wascana Creek which is only a few feet wide.
  • Tommy Douglas, widely considered the father of Canadian health care, was the Premier of Saskatchewan.
  • Now the Saskatchewan landscape is known as the Prairies, but approximately 400 million years ago most of Saskatchewan was actually the Elk Point Sea!
  • Did you know there are sand dunes in Saskatchewan? The Athabasca sand dunes, found in the northwest of the province are the most northerly sand dunes in the world!
  • Man walking the edge of a sand dune in Athabasca

  • Cree is the second most commonly spoken language in Saskatchewan with over 20,000 people who speak Cree!
  • Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is the only riding to have had 3 Prime Ministers represent it: Sir Wilfrid Laurier, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and John Diefenbaker!
  • Saskatchewan also produces the most National Hockey League players than any other province! For every 100,000 people in the province of Saskatchewan, there were 4.8 playing in the NHL!
  • Wasn't that fun? Do you have a fun fact about Saskatchewan you'd like to share? Share this blog on any of the social feeds below and tag us! We would love to hear from you! Up next: the Territories!

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