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Every Child Is Gifted!: Expert Insight into Understanding Multiple Intelligences


Curious about your child not displaying the societal set behaviours of 'smart'? Wondering if a student's extreme interest in timeline-1non-curricular areas is a cause for concern? Ease your worries with this upcoming webinar!

If you've never heard about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, or wish to learn more about which intelligence your children or students may connect with, this event will be extremely beneficial for you.

Join Scholar's Choice as we welcome back returning Guest Expert Judy Arnall (CCFE, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of "Discipline Without Distress") to discuss in detail why every child is actually gifted.

During this live event, listeners will learn:

• The definition and concept of the theory of Multiple Intelligences. • An explanation of the Eight Intelligences and criteria for inclusion. • Demonstration of teaching in all eight intelligences using a multiplication example. • Specific teaching tools for each intelligence. • Resources available for further information.

And more!

Parents and teachers alike will be riveted by this in this exciting event.

About Our Guest Expert

Judy Arnall is a one of Canada's leading professional speakers on non-punitive, respectful parenting and family relationships.

On top of being a Professional Member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), a Distinguished Member of Toastmasters (DTM), and a Certified Canadian Family Life Educator (C.C.F.E.), Judy is also the best-selling author of multiple books, including the very popular "Discipline Without Distress".

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