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Back to Cool (Part 2): 12 Creative Community Building Activities for the First Week

In Part 1 of "Back to Cool: 12 Creative Community Building Activities for the First Week" the talented teachers from shared 6 fun activities to help ease the apprehension children may be experiencing during their first days back in the classroom. Read on for 6 more ingenious ideas to ensure September gets off to a smooth start!

  1. Read All About it!
  2. Share a great book with your students! There are so many books to help students learn to work together, appreciate/accept their differences, and celebrate their community. Check out Lisa's post about "The Name Jar" for some great ideas!

  3. Acrostic Poems
  4. Here’s a great lesson plan to follow up on “The Name Jar” or to use as a stand alone activity.  Students write creative acrostic poems to represent their names and characteristics.  Have students present the poems in small groups or to the whole class.

  5. Here’s Introducing….
  6. Usually students are asked to introduce themselves to the class by talking about their summer vacations, hobbies, or favourites.  Put a twist on this activity by pairing off students and have them introduce each other!  Give students about 2 minutes to talk to their partner and learn three things about them.  Next, have each pair of students introduce their partner to the rest of the class!  I find that this helps the shy students, as they may not like to introduce themselves to the class, but may be willing to introduce a partner.

  7. Group Artwork
  8. Collaborative art projects can be either be simple or complex depending on the amount of time you have and the skill level of your students.  To create a simple collaborative art project, each student in the class receives a pre-cut square to decorate.  Once each individual piece is completed, then all the pieces come together to form a larger work of art.  Projects can become more complex by changing the starting shape, using different sizes, various media, or specific colour schemes.  Here are a few ideas:

    • Use hexagons as the starting shape to create a honeycomb effect
    • Draw a large flower pot on construction paper and have each child design a flower for the pot
    • Start off with a larger piece of paper and have two or more students work on the design, then put the larger pieces together.  This would work well if your students are working in groups, as each group works on a group piece, which then comes together to form a larger class project
    • Choose a famous work of art, photocopy it, and cut it up into as many pieces as you have students.  Each student receives a piece of the artwork and a blank piece of the same size to copy the artwork on to.  Once each piece is done, the student pieces come together to form a recreation of the original work

    Beautiful and meaningful!

  9. Classroom Roles!
  10. Students should understand that they are part of a community and each person in a community has a role to play.  See Lisa’s post here on creating classroom jobs for students, so that each student is accountable for keeping the classroom healthy, organized, and safe!

  11. Community Circle
  12. Have students sit around in a circle (either the whole class or in small groups to break the ice) and have each person share an idea on a given topic.  For example, the teacher could ask everyone to share one goal they have for the year, something they look forward to doing this year, their favourite summer memory, etc.…the list is endless!  This Community Circle can continue throughout the year to help students share ideas, discuss important topics, and share experiences!

    Good luck to everyone going back to school in the next coming days!

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