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5 Easy Ways To Help Your Grandchild Fall In Love With The Outdoors

In today’s world, how can trees, dirt and fresh air compete with the newest pre-school app, overflowing playrooms, trending video game or a binge-worthy series on Netflix?

You already know there are benefits to getting your grandkids outside. Even at a young age, playing outdoors helps them develop gross motor skills, establish social skills, build self-esteem and inspire their creativity and imagination.

Grandparents running on the beach with their grandchildren

Yet loving the outdoors isn’t something that comes naturally to every kid. It’s easy to become so engrossed in electronics that spending time outside doesn’t even cross their minds. But making nature a fun part of our grandkids’ day doesn’t have to be difficult. A good start is simply helping them learn to love being outside.

Here are 5 simple ways to get young kids excited and curious about the outdoors.

  1. Start Small

  2. You don’t need an elaborate plan. Start by walking around the block, having a snack on the lawn, reading bedtime stories on the deck or checking out the flowers in the garden. You’ll be amazed how quickly your grandchild starts looking forward to spending time in the fresh air.

  3. Stop Waiting For The Perfect Day

  4. Weather is a big reason it can be difficult to get outside with the kids. It seems most days are either too wet, too cold, too hot or too something. But you’re a pro! You don’t need perfect weather to get outside and have fun. Just make sure you have (or mom packs) what you need to go out safely and comfortably in all weather, and you’ll help your grandchild learn to have fun outside in every season.

  5. Let Them Get Dirty

  6. Sometimes getting outside means getting messy. Not only is a little mess a lot of fun for kids, unstructured play in the dirt, sand, water, and mud is great for fine and gross motor development.

    Young child playing with sidewalk chalk

    The next time you head outdoors, bring a few items to help your grandkids get a little messy like a shovel for digging, a bucket to collect water and rain boots for puddle jumping.

  7. Have an Outdoor Toy Box

  8. Keeping a few toys on hand that can only be played with outside guarantees you’ll get your grandkids out the door.

    Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and bouncy balls are staples for any outdoor toy box. Adding a few “discovery tools” such as a magnifying glass or a toy shovel and bucket will help kids discover their love of the outdoors through play. Looking to add something unique to your outdoor toy box? Powered by kids jumping directly onto the foot-activated air pump, this Jump Rocket shoots rockets up to 300ft in the air. Thanks to their LED lights they also glow when playing at night.

  9. Give Them A Job

  10. Sweeping the driveway, planting flowers, pulling weeds and raking leaves don’t have to be boring chores. Positioned in the right way, they can sound a lot like outdoor fun. Kids like to feel useful and keeping a few kid-sized tools in the garage or shed gives them the opportunity to help out, learn some great life skills and still have fun. You may even catch them raking a pile of leaves for jumping!

Looking for more fun things to do outside this Spring with the kids? Check out our Spring Toy Guide and scroll through some of our most popular outdoor toys.

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