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3 Steps to Overcoming Behavioural Challenges

In January, we held a very powerful webinar with Behaviour Management expert Rick Harper (President at Behavioural Management Systems) entitled "3 Steps to Overcoming Behavioural Challenges".3-Steps-To-Overcoming-Behavioural-Challenges

His extensive knowledge in this field was clearly displayed over the hour-long call, and the demand for affordable assistance with behaviour issues was evident from our audience’s participation. If you were unavailable to tune in and missed the live event, don’t panic! We have included a video in this blog that is comprised of a full-length recording of the call, featuring informative slides for you to follow along.

The content of this talk covers some of the following topics:

1) The key factors that influence a child’s behaviour

2) The 5 approaches to behavioural management and distinguishing which is best for your child

3) What course of action to take that’s consistent with the behavioural issue at hand

4) When to seek professional help and when not to

5) What a “behavioural assessment plan” is and how to build one

6) How to make the emotional environment at your home more peaceful


The clip is included below. Whether you are listening for the first time, or returning to review the helpful hints you heard live, we thank you for your involvement with our successful webinar!

What behavioural issues are you currently coping with as a parent? Post your questions or comments below. 

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