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Author Archives: Rick Harper

Rick Harper is a retired teacher with 32 years of classroom experience. The majority of his teaching years, Rick spent working with special needs children from 4 – 21 years old. He is currently a professor at Fanshawe College’s Child and Youth worker program and owns the consulting firm, <a href="">Behavioural Management Systems</a>, which is dedicated to training parents to assess and manage their children’s behavioural problems. Rick and his wife Marlene have 2 grown children and have been long-time foster parents, opening their home to many special needs children. One of Rick’s regular practices is taking theories developed by academics and developing practical ways to implement them in ordinary homes and classrooms.

Double Dose : Is ADHD Medication Linked to Future Substance Abuse?

*Editor's Note: The opinions expressed by Rick Harper stem from a combination of research and his extensive experience working with children diagnosed with ADHD and their families.  I am frequently asked by parents of children taking stimulant medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) if they are at an increased risk for future substance abuse. Research suggests that children with ...

Posted by Rick Harper in Parent, General

Quibbling Siblings: How to Defuse the Rivalry (Part II)

(...Continued) In 'Quibbling Siblings: How to Defuse the Rivalry (Part I)', Rick Harper discussed how developmental stages and ways to recognize possible unrest between your child. Rick continues to share important behavioural management steps in, 'Quibbling Siblings: How to Defuse the Rivalry (Part II)'. Read on! So, what is a wise way to handle sibling quibbling? Rule # 1 - ...

Posted by Rick Harper in Parent, General

Quibbling Siblings: How to Defuse The Rivalry (Part I)

Let’s play a little word association game. Read a word below and   say the first word that pops into your mind:                   dog...                           cat?                   wedding...                 cake? dress?                   colour...                     red?                   horse...                      buggy?                   sibling...                    rivalry! Sibling rivalry has existed as long as we’ve had siblings! In Biblical times we had Cain and Abel, and Joseph with his brother problems. In children’...

Posted by Rick Harper in Parent, General

3 Steps to Overcoming Behavioural Challenges

In January, we held a very powerful webinar with Behaviour Management expert Rick Harper (President at Behavioural Management Systems) entitled "3 Steps to Overcoming Behavioural Challenges". His extensive knowledge in this field was clearly displayed over the hour-long call, and the demand for affordable assistance with behaviour issues was evident from our audience’s participation. If you were unavailable to tune ...

Posted by Rick Harper in Parent, Teacher, General

5 Steps To Avoid Homework Hassles

Reoccurring homework hassles are a source of considerable conflict within families that result in frayed nerves, angry outbursts, shattered self-esteem and deteriorating family relationships. There is a solution! These five steps should help. Step # 1 – Determine the Cause of the Problem There are essentially 2 reasons why children resist homework; the work is too difficult or they simply do not want to ...

Posted by Rick Harper in Parent, General

5 Approaches to Dealing With Behaviour Issues

From early childhood to adolescence, misbehavior is a common concern for parents. When the acting out is frequent and/or severe, parents often seek assistance. One problem parents face is the array of theories, books, courses, seminars and videos designed to help. It can become confusing and frustrating when trying to determine what course of action to take. In addition, ...

Posted by Rick Harper in Teacher, General

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